Whatever you do, do not go to the Owl Museum on top of Penang Hill

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The Owl Museum, George Town, Penang, Malaysia

“Whatever you do, do not go to the Owl Museum on top of Penang Hill.”

The Owl Museum, Penang Hill, Malaysia-418

That was one of many negative TripAdvisor reviews of the Owl Museum in Penang, Malaysia, but by no means was it the most harsh.

“A Waste of Time and Money”

“Insanity! Don’t fall for it. If you like just giving money away – I will send you my address.”

“Such a Rip-Off!” 

“No real owls inside.””

“It actually made me a headache after going through.”

“Don’t be a twit twoo.”

“This is the most terrible museum I went in my life.”

“Like being at my grandma’s house”

And perhaps the most succinct of all the reviews, “It was Owlful.”

The Owl Museum, Penang Hill, Malaysia-421

Poor Tony, the owner of the Owl Museum, stopped responded to the reviews once it became clear the haters were hell-bent on their hate.

It ranks number 39 of 41 Penang attractions on TripAdvisor. Only a cemetery and a glass shop fared worse.

But is it really that bad?

The Owl Museum, Penang Hill, Malaysia-423

Well that depends.

One man’s sow’s ear is another man’s silk purse. (That’s how that saying goes, right?) Experience is relative, but facts are not. A hotel either has free Wi-Fi or it does not. A restaurant either has vegetarian food or it does not. An Owl Museum either has owls, or it does not. Extract the facts from any review, but let you (and only you) be the judge of experience.

Too often we look to strangers for guidance on how to act. (Kinda like what you’re doing right now by reading this.) We should hate this attraction, but love the food at that restaurant. Do this tour, but don’t do that one.

Your tastes (and your taste buds) are your own. I’ve learned from TripAdvisor reviews in the past that some places folks claim to be horrible actually turned out to be pretty swell experiences.

The Owl Museum, Penang Hill, Malaysia-415

So let’s deal with the facts about the Owl Museum.

The Owl Museum, Penang Hill, Malaysia-416

First, there are a lot of knick-knacks.

The Owl Museum, Penang Hill, Malaysia-417

There are no explanations of said knick-knacks.

The Owl Museum, Penang Hill, Malaysia-426

According to Tony the owner’s own responses on TripAdvisor, a staff member should have provided explanations.

The Owl Museum, Penang Hill, Malaysia-429

There were no explanations.

The Owl Museum, Penang Hill, Malaysia-431

There were no actual owls. Living or dead.

The Owl Museum, Penang Hill, Malaysia-437

The place is small – one main room, a kids’ play area, and a gift shop.

The Owl Museum, Penang Hill, Malaysia-438

The admission price is 10 Malaysian Ringgit (about $3 USD.)

The Owl Museum, Penang Hill, Malaysia-441

I like a good quirky museum as much as the next guy. But this one…this one lacks on a number of fronts. It doesn’t possess anywhere near the sheer number of pieces that a place like Spain’s Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum does, and it lacks the creepy-cool curiousness of a place like the Gopher Hole Museum.

If they could turn this…

The Owl Museum, Penang Hill, Malaysia-443

Into something like this…


Then we’ve got ourselves a museum.

I still use TripAdvisor to find out facts about an attraction, but not to find out if that attraction isn’t great. I like to find that out for myself.

Just like I did with the Owl Museum.

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  1. We were just at Penang Hill a few weeks ago and I was really curious about the Owl museum since they had a photo of two kids dressed up as Harry Potter characters holding a snowy owl for an ad. I thought that it would have a live owl (but I’m glad to find out they do not) though their advertising could be much better and not misleading. Well for 10 RM that’s what I’d expect to of a museum! Glad to be able to read about it

  2. Quite the interesting museum. I never thought one could be focused just on owls but I’m impressed.

    It’s the kind of place that you’d pop by if you accidentally stumbled upon it.


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