Inadvertently Funny Job Titles on UAE’s Visa Application

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Funny Job Titles

I was about to call this post Tinker, Tamer, Earner, G.I because they are all actual job titles on the online visa application I had to complete for my trip to Dubai. Then I thought about doing a take on Butcher, Baker, Candlestick-maker, but in the end I just went with what you see above. Simply because the following job titles are funny, but very much inadvertently so.

Due to a current tiff between Canada and the United Arab Emirates, Canadians going to Dubai (or anywhere in the UAE) have to apply for a visa, and a costly one at that (more on that in an upcoming post.)

Thankfully, both Emirates and Etihad airlines allow you the option of getting a much cheaper (and shorter) visa if you book with them online. After you pay for your flight, there is an option in the Manage My Booking section to apply for your visa.

You are taken to a site run by a company called VFS Global Services, which I now believe to stand for Very Funny Shit. One of queries on the application is the very simple term “Occupation”. In the drop-down list that follows, wedged between jobs people have actually heard of and some appalling spelling mistakes, is a goldmine of inadvertent humour.

Take a look at some of the weird and wonderful job titles up for selection:

Funny Visa Application Job Titles Assistant Rescue Man, Assistant Life ManagerBoth of these appear to be stellar occupations — while they don’t suffer under the weight of responsibility that a “Life Manager” or the actual “Rescue Man” must face, they are great conversation starters.

For the rest of these funny job titles, well, I’ll let you see for yourself…Funny Visa Application Job Titles -- Airplanes Take Off ControllerFunny Job Titles -- Bread Yeast Dryer OperatorFunny Job Titles -- CaricaturistFunny Visa Application Job Titles -- Con DoctorFunny Visa Application Job Titles 23Funny Visa Application Job Titles -- Director of Arabization and PublishingFunny Visa Application Job Titles -- Drink Fermentation ManFunny Visa Application Job Titles 30Funny Visa Application Job Titles -- Fabric Fluff Shaving Worker, Falafel MakerFunny Visa Application Job Titles -- Gang LeaderFunny Visa Application Job Titles -- Head CheckerFunny Visa Application Job Titles -- Holly Coran ReaderFunny Visa Application Job Titles -- Macaroni Dough KneaderI was hoping this one would be a fill-in the blank so I could add “…of Lies, Tall Tales, and Funny Shit on the Internet.”Funny Visa Application Job Titles -- Maker UpFunny Visa Application Job Titles -- Mufti Assistant

Funny Visa Application Job Titles -- News ListenerFunny Visa Application Job Titles -- Poultry Bowels Feather CleanerIn the end, I think I just selected this one. Funny Visa Application Job Titles -- Employee

Although I have to admit, Hides Sorter or Loom Fitter do sound a heckuva lot sexier.

What funny job titles have you heard in your travels?

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  1. I remember on year a friend said he was going to run the Penticton BC Ironman so I went to check out their website. It listed the people enrolled and it also had their occupation. I read through the lost and apparently there was a muskoxen herder who was in the race – or someone who was shy about their real occupation.

  2. And if you eat too much, do you need a Brunch Manager? Where is the Crustacea Farmer growing his crusts? And do we blame the Earthquake Forman when the earth’s a’shaking? Although I’d like to claim I’m in Book Sales–my book is not selling all that well. But, really, I think you’re a Fabricator!

  3. Thank you for the laughs! I’ll have to think hard about job titles I’ve heard in my travels, but I don’t think I’ll come up with anything funnier than this. You really pointed out some gems — “Gang Leader” LOL

  4. Haha – funny! Norway’s occupations were so general and limited that I had to pick ‘other’ when doing my visa application (and I work in communications).

  5. I must say these are some weird titles especially “head checker” and “news listener”. I have no clue what people need to perform in these job profiles. I also heard some other unique job titles which makes no sense atleast for me, these are “Die Process engineer” “Erection Engineer” and “Male Specimen Courier”. I don’t know from where they discovered these job titles.

  6. I think I could easily be an earner, but probably I’m just a maker up. Although, if I got paid every time I did news listener, I’d be super rich by now!

  7. OMG – hilarious! Who is the poor person who had to write this form and try to think of every single possible occupation someone could have (and then probably still missed a bunch)?

  8. Thanks for the tip about Emirates and Etihad airlines providing the option of getting a much cheaper (and shorter) visa if you book with them online. I’ve never had to get a Visa. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to with the paperwork.

  9. Hi Raymond, I realy had a good laught at this one. Hope to find something about my hometown on your blog :-). loved the bad hotel articel


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