Malaysia’s Laguna Redang Island Resort

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Laguna Redang Island Resort, Terengganu, Malaysia

The thing I liked most about Laguna Redang Island Resort was something that I didn’t even get to see, or touch, or feel, or even experience.

Yes, there is powdery white sand.

sandy white beach, palm trees, Laguna Redang Island Resort, Malaysia

And super-comfy beds.

Laguna Redang Island Resort, Terengganu, Malaysia -- room interior

And views to die for.

Laguna Redang Island Resort, Terengganu, Malaysia -- view from the balcony

There’s even plenty of clownfish (you know, the Finding Nemo type) chilling in the waters off the beach.

Clown fish, Pulau Redang, Malaysia

Even a popular Hong Kong movie called Summer Holiday was filmed here. (That’s the tea house from the movie below, now the resort’s gift shop.)

Laguna Redang Island Resort, Terengganu, Malaysia -- gift shop, tea house from movie Summer Holiday

But I had never seen the movie, so it wasn’t that.

Laguna Redang Island Resort, Terengganu, Malaysia beach

It does play 24/7 on the Summer Holiday channel at the resort though. In case you’re interested.


Nope, the thing I liked most about Laguna Redang Island Resort was something I never did see.

Laguna Redang Island Resort view from the water

Although it was something I spend plenty of time looking for.

Laguna Redang Island Resort, Terengganu, Malaysia beach view



SEATRU stands for Sea Turtle Rescue Unit, and the Laguna Island Resort has been supporting them for years. You see, just around the corner from the resort is the Chagar Hutang Turtle Sanctuary. The Chagar Hutang beach is off-limits to humans, with the exception of the small group of volunteers who engage in tagging, tracking and monitoring the turtles. The beach was named a Turtle Sanctuary in 2005, and the entire area was designated a protected marine park in 1994.

So instead of traipsing tourists through to maul, gawk, and take selfies with the turtles, Laguna Redang Island Resort works quietly to help conserve them.

seatru logo

SEATRU promotes the conservation of all turtles, but there are two types in particular that are endangered to the point of critical – the hawksbill and the green. You can still find turtle and terrapin eggs for sale at local markets (old habits die hard), and that’s the type of thing SEATRU aims to discourage with its work with school groups.

If you are really keen on checking on the turtle sanctuary at Chagar Hutang, there are only two ways in. First, you can arrange a group visit for a day (only open to school groups or clubs,) or you can volunteer at the turtle sanctuary.

Volunteer slots are open for foreigners and Malaysians alike. The cost is $350 USD, but that includes your room and board. (No beds though, you have to bring your own sleeping bag.) If you want to sign up for a volunteer week at the Chagar Hutang Turtle Sanctuary, or want to learn more about the conservation efforts SEATRU promotes on Redang Island, check out the SEATRU website.


Note: I was a guest of Laguna Redang Island Resort during my time in Malaysia.

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful destination and resort. So many,but this one looks like a diamond in the rough. Will definitely have to research Terengganu in more detail. Great post and photos!

  2. That place is beautiful. One day I hope to see it, the beach looks amazing.
    Oddly enough I find the word volunteer and paying $350 in the same sentence. Most volunteers dont paay 🙂 It would be a fun working vaction though and a lot of people enjoy making vactions count for a cuse.
    I think it would have been neat to have some turtlle pics but then if they did let people mess around the turtles would get tired of it, and not care much forr their home and they would want to go on a vacation.

    1. Ellen that beach is one of the nicest I’ve ever been to. I think they use the $350 to pay for supplies and stuff, but I agree with you, sadly there are too many “volunteer” organizations that require you to pay for a placement.

  3. Our life is too short but we can make it very happy and most enjoyable to tour nice places in the world, Malaysia is one of beautiful country in the world for tour, Thanks for your nice post and some alive photos! have a happy life!

  4. Malaysia is surely a beautiful country and also included in my best destination list. I love redang It’s my third stay in Laguna redang beach resort and I love the service and location, the beach, the pool.

  5. Malaysia is one of the most beautiful places on the planet .
    I had the opportunity to know is can I say it’s a paradise , congratulations for the post.


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