“To live outside the law, you have to be honest”

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Simplistic living. It’s not something people understand, mostly due to the many elements they have in their own lives that don’t let them think outside the box. I’ve traveled a few times in my life and every single time I’ve brought a big travel bag filled to the brim. I had to pay expenses for the bag itself, mostly due to weight. I had to haul the bag with me wherever I went. I was on edge all the time because I was constantly asking myself if I’ve forgotten anything. It was stressful; something traveling should never be.

Vintage suitcases

Lately, whenever I travel, I don’t bring a lot of things with me. I’m not completely ready to travel bagless but I’m getting closer and closer to that point. See, life should be about enjoying yourself and immersing yourself in the wonders that nature provides us. Traveling should provide you with amazing memories, ones that aren’t easily forgotten. Bringing a full travel bag plus a massive backpack doesn’t spell relaxation.

Hills of Romania

The fewer belongings you bring, the better your adventure will be. “To live outside the law, you have to be honest” in this case refers to living outside the social boundaries that are set before us. You need to be honest with yourself and the world. Let yourself go and enjoy everything in life.

Minimalistic traveling means that you bring as little things as possible. No extra clothes, no unnecessary items, just the pure essentials. And considering that it means carrying no extra clothes, it’s a good idea you buy wool clothing items. Wool is an amazing material! Let’s see what it does:

–       Sweat-repellant – Wool is naturally anti-microbial and, even if you were to sweat a lot, the sweat would evaporate

–       Regulates temperature – It’s warm in the winter and cools you in the summer, what more could you ask for?

–       Quickly dries

–       No wrinkles – Thanks to the structure of fibers in wool, it’s impervious to wrinkles.

Now, when it comes to other things, all you truly need is some cash and a phone. Cash for anything that you might need or want to buy and a phone to cure boredom (if necessary).

Fresh fruit and vegetables at St Laurence Market Toronto Canada

You don’t have to carry a lot of cash – some $200 will be enough. And you can use your phone to play simplistic and easy games such as solitaire or bingo.

In the end, it’s all about the experience without the added weight of caring for your luggage. Oh, one other thing: Considering you won’t have luggage, low-cost airlines won’t charge you incredibly high fees for it. You’ll be able to travel for a low price, without having to worry if your luggage got misplaced or lost.

There really isn’t any reason to bring anything else with you. Of course, this is all about short lasting to medium lasting trips. Long lasting trips generally do require all the extra things you pack!

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