Would You Make a Good Viking? Take the Viking Quiz

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Rosala Viking Centre, Rosala, Finland


I know it’s a question that’s probably haunted you for eons now — “Would I have made a good Viking?” It’s not all pillaging and plundering you know, although those are indeed key components. The Rosala Viking Centre on the island of Rosala in Finland aims to showcase what life as a Viking was really like.

Take the Viking quiz to find out how you’d fare…

VIKING QUIZ: Would you make a good Viking?

1. Are you comfortable in dorm-room type settings?

Interior of Viking Hall, Rosala Viking Centre, #VisitFinland

The Chieftain Hall was where Vikings gathered to practice the Viking cult. The hall served as sleeping and eating quarters, and by all accounts, it was party central. The merriment would often go on for days. While higher-ups got their own rooms, lesser Vikings slept along the banks of benches that doubled as beds as well. Handy if you just want to pass out in your own filth (which many did), but not so handy if you’re “that guy” just trying to get some shut-eye.


a) Yes, I’m gunning a beer as I read this. (2 points)

b) No, I can’t stomach the smell of vomit, or of other people in general. (0 points)

c) Why is Ritz Carlton not one of the choices on this list? (-2 points)

2. Do you have a fondness for weapons?

Viking weapons, Rosala Viking Centre, Rosala #VisitFinland

The Vikings had a weapon for every occasion, but they had a particular affinity for knives. From hunting, to carving, to preparing meals, to plain old killing of their fellow man, Vikings knew their way around a knife. 


a) Yes, that actually is a dagger in my pocket, I’m not just happy to see you. (2 points)

b) No, I’m a lover not a fighter. (0 points)

c) My mom won’t let me near scissors. (-2 points)

3. Are you open to performing ritual sacrifice?

Sacrificial stone, Rosala Viking Centre, #VisitFinland

If you’ve harboured a darker side (like a REALLY darker side), the kind where you’ve dreamed of offing farm animals and — from time-to-time — humans too, then the Viking life may just be your calling. Mostly done during religious festivals, but also sometimes during funerals (misery loves company), sacrifices could take the form of burning, strangling, or hanging. 


a) Yes, I want to move up from just killing stray cats. (2 points)

b) No, I squeal at the sight of blood. (0 points)

c) Were Vikings cannibals too? Please say yes. (-2 points)

4. Do you believe in Fairies?

Valkyrie and Viking solider, Rosala Viking Centre, #VisitFinland, Viking Quiz

Valkyrie or ‘The Chooser of the Slain” was a female spirit sent by Odin to hover over the battlefield and be on the lookout for the bravest Viking warriors. Then, oddly enough, she’d choose the strongest and toughest of the lot to be killed. Go figure. 


a) Yes, I embrace my inner fairy. (2 points)

b) Fairy, schmairy. Can I go back to sacrificing cats? (0 points)

c) I only believe in unicorns. (-2 points)

5. Are you keen on having a real Viking funeral?

Viking funeral ship, Rosala Viking Centre, #VisitFinland

Be prepared for disappointment.

The Hollywood version of the Viking funeral — where the deceased is laid to rest in a boat, set ablaze, and sent out to sea — was actually pretty rare. That type of send off was only reserved for Chieftains and the very wealthy whose loved ones wanted to expedite the deceased’s journey to the afterlife. Normally, the Viking elite were buried with their ships.  And since boats were expensive, a run-of-the-mill Viking could expect to be cremated, with stones arranged in the outline of a boat to mark their grave.


a) Yes, come on baby light my fire. (2 points)

b) No, I want white downy doves and Elton John at my do thanks. (0 points)

c) This quiz is too long, death of any kind would be a blessing at this point. (-2 points)

Viking painting, Rosala, Finland

Tally Your Score

Add up your Viking Quiz total, and see if you’ve got what it takes to be a Viking:

8 to 10 points: Congratulations! You are ready to plunder. You’re probably already in a gang, and may even have spent some time in the clink, so Vikinghood is the next natural step in your downward spiral.

4 to 6 points: So close, but not quite yet. Hang in there though, the spoils of pillaging are well within your grasp.

-4 to +2: It’s best if you start looking over your shoulder, because of your good nature, you’ve been voted “Most Likely to be Plundered.”

-6 to -10: Sadly, you are not Viking material. You are psychopath material though. But you don’t need a quiz to tell you that now do you? The voices do that for you already.

How’d you do on the Viking Quiz? Let me know in the comments section below.

Note: I was a guest of #VisitFinland during my stay on Kimito Island.

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  1. As an official Viking descendent (aren’t we all in the Nordic countries) I’m proud to score -10. Is that what is meant by evolution and progress?

  2. Congratulations on making your visit to Rosala, Finland into a clever blog post. My family comes from Norway, but I, too, would make a terrible Viking….my husband and son, on the other hand….

  3. Seems I have a dark side as i’d totally be a viking. Interesting about the burning of the boats but then when did hollywood ever twist the truth just for a good story.


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