Montreal gets the #MTLmoments / Perspectives treatment

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It’s no secret I love Montreal. I lived there for a year during my corporate days thanks to the flexible workplace system that my company offered (I still love you TELUS!) Just last week, Montreal was my pick when Jeremy from The World or Bust asked digital nomads what their favourite cities in the world were. So when I heard about the #MTLmoments/Perspectives project, I was all over it like gravy on poutine.

Vieux Montreal

For the past few years, Tourisme Montréal has invited Montreal tourists and locals alike to share their best moments using the #MTLmoments hashtag on Instagram, Twitter and just about anywhere else social media types socialize. During this time, thousands of pictures were shot and shared, and now Tourisme Montréal is giving them a second life with the #MTLmoments/Perspectives project.

To do so, eight local directors were chosen to bring their vision to one of the chosen #MTLmoments Instagram photos, with a 2 to 5-minute short film. The directors were given complete artistic freedom to interpret the photo, in order to create an authentic portrait of the city that would resonate with Montrealers and creative minds all over the world.

The result is some truly unique short film projects. How these guys come up with this stuff from just a photo, I’ll never know. In any event, the first four videos are now available for viewing at:

Here’s a taste of the sort of thing the directors came up with:

What about you? Is Montreal on your bucket list?

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