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Are you looking for a way to spice up your camping experience? Whether you’re a habitual camper or a once-in-a-whiler sometimes camping can get to be routine. That doesn’t have to be the case with these quirky creations. Check out these photos on some offbeat and unique caravans that are sure to get your campfire burning with new ideas. 

Gypsy Caravan

Gypsy Caravan

One of the older, more traditional styles these caravans are still pretty unique especially when placed in a contemporary time frame. Usually made from wood they are a bit small so maybe make this a couples trip instead of squeezing the whole family in this relic. You can still find plenty of these caravans for sale if you check around online.

Fancy Caravan

Fancy Caravan

While certainly a bit more on the classy end of things this caravan, complete with British flag, definitely stands out at the campsites. Made of wood but likely full of modern amenities travel in style in this updated caravan.

Camouflage Caravan

Camouflage caravan

What’s so special about a caravan covered in camouflage? It is a caravan covered in camouflage! Blend in (or stand out) in holiday parks near you with this clever camper design. 

Traffic Sign Caravan

Traffic Sign Caravan

Looking for a way to stop traffic? The traffic sign caravan will help. In bright red and with a stop sign included you’ll be the talk of the campsite in this baby.

Yellow Bug Caravan

Yellow bug caravan unique campers unique caravans

With a sleek modern design and yellow timing tis futuristic caravan is the definition of style and modernity.

VW Camper

VW Camper

There’s no mistaking this is a VW camper when it hits the road. With its blue and white paint job and distinct VW design you will definitely turn some heads in this one.

Graffiti Caravan

Graffiti caravan

Looking to make a bit bolder of a statement? Well look no further. With this graffiti caravan you will make a lot of new friends (maybe some enemies too) and certainly always have a point of reference. No more lost caravan moments.

Boombox Caravan

Bombox Caravan

While it might be hard to get a good night’s sleep in this caravan you will certainly be the life of the party! Turn up the tunes and let the good times roll. 

Pink Woods Caravan

Pink woods caravan

Set against a lush green backdrop it’s pretty apparent that not only will you never lose your way ‘home’ but you might also attract some wandering passersby as you kick back and relax in this standout caravan.

From modern and sleek to the life of the party there are so many unique and unusual caravans around the globe. Make sure you choose the one that suits your holiday needs. 

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