Are You a Movie Fan? Here Are 3 Places you Might Want to Visit

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How many times have you stared at the silver screen thinking to yourself “I want to go there” when seeing some of the breathtaking landscapes? Well, unless you’re seeing a movie made entirely using green screens and computer graphics, let me tell you that you actually can. Many movies – even high-profile science fiction and fantasy titles – are filmed in real-life locations that you can actually see with your own eyes. Whether or not they live up to your expectations is another thing entirely, though. So, here are some of them that you can include on the itinerary for your next adventure.

Lord of the Rings

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Lord of the Rings fans might not be able to travel to Middle-Earth, but they can do the next best thing: visit New Zealand. And while there, they can also do more than see a kiwi, explore the best New Zealand casinos and taste the local dishes but also to explore the location where the movie was filmed (it was entirely shot in New Zealand, by the way).

The North Island was the location of choice for filming sequences like the Shire (Matamata, Waikato region), the Gardens of Isengard (Harcourt Park, Wellington region). And so was South Island – fans can visit Jens Hansen, the goldsmith living in Nelson Tasman who created all the 40 rings used for filming, Twizel in Mackenzie Country where Battle of the Pelennor Fields was filmed, and visiting Takaro Road near Te Anau will take fans to the place where the sequences in Fangorn Forest and Anduin River were filmed.

Star Wars

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To visit the locations where various sequences of Star Wars were filmed, fans will have to travel around the world. The sequences in “The New Hope” depicting the desert planet Tatooine were filmed in North Africa – Tunisia, to be exact. The crew returned to the country for sequences in “The Phantom Menace” – the well-preserved granary in Ksar Ouled Soltane (Tataouine district) was used to film the slave quarters of Mos Espa in the movie.

The exterior shots of the Yavin rebel base in “The New Hope” were filmed in Tikal, Guatemala. The exterior filming for the Battle of Hoth in “The Empire Strikes Back” took place at the Hardangerjøkulen Glacier in Norway, while the forest scenes on the moon Endor (The Return of the Jedi) were shot in Del Norte County, California.

Mad Max: Fury Road

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For many, one desert looks like any other. But the scenes in “Mad Max: Fury Road” are shot against such a memorable backdrop that you might feel the need to visit them in real life. And you can. The “Mad Max” movies take place in a post-apocalyptic Australia. But the locations used in the movie are a bit further away – the filming of the flick took place in Namibia.

The original plans put the movie in Broken Hill in Australia, but nature had a different opinion: a heavy downpour turned the usually barren area into a carpet of desert flowers. Thus, the filming moved to another continent altogether.

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