Next Holiday? Make it Magaluf

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Besides having a fun sounding name, Magaluf is something of a must for sun seekers. A resort town in Majorca, Spain, this place is known far and wide for its incredible nightlife and sun swept beaches. Here’s why you should probably head over to Magaluf for your next holiday.

The Beaches

To take a page from Mr. Kanye West, Magaluf has “views of the water, straight from the page of your favorite author.” There’s no shortage of adjectives to describe the Magaluf coast and the crystal clear water that laps onto it. The temperature is perfect; hot enough that a dip in the water feels great, but not so hot that you feel like you’re melting outside.

Magaluf beach Spain

The nightlife

During the day, Magaluf is a sleepy, beach resort town, great for relaxing in. Once the sun sets though? It’s like a switch has been turned on, and Magaluf transforms into a place where the music and lights seem to go on forever. From themed bars to dance music clubs, there are activities for every type of revelry. The biggest area for nightlife is around Carrer de Punta Ballen, you’ll easily find something to do no matter where you are at.

The Water

A place with such temperate water is bound to have all sorts of water activities, and Magaluf is no exception. You can water-ski or jet-ski, snorkel with the marine life, or even take a boat out to see the dolphins that call these waters home. Prefer your water a little less salty? There’s a large water park nearby, waiting for you to cause a splash. Get a foot massage, but with a twist: instead of fingers, small fish called Garufa, nip underneath your heels and pick away all the dead skin. Strange, but seriously relaxing.

Garufa fish foot massage

The Waves

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to surf, Magaluf could teach you a thing or two. You can take lessons on the beach, or for an easier way to learn, check out the wave machines. These machines simulate a small wave, giving riders a perfect ride each time. Since the waves can be controlled, you’ll have an easier time standing up, and won’t have to worry about getting caught in a riptide or dragged over a reef.

For fun in the sun, Magaluf is the obvious option, with loads of activities to keep you on your toes, and hot, sandy beaches for relaxation.  Whether you want to get wild or unwind, get yourself over there.


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