Offbeat Images: Toilet Signs in Oman

Posted by - October 12, 2012 | Category: Peculiarities

A New Quirky Travel Photo Series

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Travel Photo of the Week, mostly because I felt like I “had” to do one every week. And when it becomes a chore (or a commitment), well then that just feels like a having a “real” job. And we all know how that one turned out. (If you don’t, you can read about it here: Growing Old Before My Time.)

But I’ve been sitting on a stockpile of photos here that occupy that no-man’s land somewhere just below a full blog post, but somewhere just above an Instagram. So a Travel Photo Series it is then. I get to unload, ahem…present some photos (at my pace), and hopefully you get a chuckle or two.

So welcome to the inaugural edition of Offbeat Images where I offer up some quirky, unusual, or wonderfully weird photos of stuff. (That’s it, just stuff.)

Nizwa Fort, Oman

I’ve had a inexplicable fetish for all things toilet-y for quite some time (Honolulu Loo anyone?), so these bathroom signs at the Nizwa Fort in Nizwa, Oman were like porn to me. My own private porcelain porn.Offbeat Images -- Middle eastern man wearing dishdasha toilet sign, Nizwa Fort, Nizwa, Oman

Is that a dagger in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Offbeat Images -- Middle Eastern woman wearing abaya toilet sign, Nizwa Fort, Nizwa, Oman

He’s wearing a dishdasha, she’s wearing an abaya. And I think she may only have one glove à la Michael Jackson as well, but I’m pretty certain that’s not a requirement. They could’ve jazzed up the wheelchair folks a bit though. I think they’ve earned it.

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    1. Well perhaps he’s looking for directions, and since a man doesn’t really just go up and talk to a woman here, then natch he’s just gonna roll on over to the dude. And plus, he IS asking for directions. 🙂

  1. I love toilet signs too – my husband thinks I’m nuts for taking pictures of them! The best that we saw on our last trip to Europe where at the Palace of Versailles and at Hôtel les Armures in Geneva.

  2. Haha I’m loving the one glove thing! Seriously, what’s that about? Maybe Michael Jackson was pretty big in Oman?

    I agree about the poor wheelchair folk, though. They could’ve put some rhinestones on there and jazzed things up a little.

  3. In the Howard Johnson Hotel in Shanghai, China there was a sign alongside the phone next to the toilet in the room, that said “Emergancy Press 0” in English and Chinese, but it didn’t say what types of emergencies they responded to. Does running out of toilet paper count?

  4. Hey Raymond, those are some funny pics. I saw some ridiculous ones in the Riyadh airport once with a man with a massive beard and a lady with a full face covering higab/burka.

  5. Love those signs. I also saw street lights for pedestrians with the Arabic attire 😉 Was too late to take a photo, but will try my luck next time. The white glove I think, was to demarcate the hand against the black Abaya…however gloves are not a prerequisite, as is so often propagated by the staunch groups

    Another interesting thing we observed – pertaining to toilet signs- in one of Dubai’s Metro station the infants “pampers changing” sign was not only along with the women’s wash rooms, but also the men’s wash room. My husband verified to me, that there was an infant pamper changing table in the men’s wash rooms as well (not only the sign) ;)!! Talk of emancipation 😉

  6. Gotta love random toilet related photos on your travels! Interesting stuff. I’ve taken a few photos of similar things on my journeys might have to write about them! Safe travels, Jonny


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