Why you should plan a Serengeti Safari in 2017

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Going on a safari is on many people’s wish list. Well, if you want the ultimate in the African dream safari then it must be a Serengeti safari. Now is the best time to indulge in this experience as the animals of the plains start their migration and you can see a spectrum of Africa’s wildlife right in front of your eyes.  As the rangers are reporting already, this year’s Serengeti safari experience will be beyond memorable as experts are predicting unparalleled scenes of high drama as the predators will feast on the herds, as they hunt down their prey. You should read more about this travel opportunity the ultimate guide on Tanzania safari’s, but for now we’d love to draw your attention to just a few things:

The word Serengeti is derived from the Maaisa language of Maa that means endless plains. These endless plains that are the home to a high diversity of habitats and wildlife. From wildebeest and zebra, to the predators lurking in the grass for their chance to attack their prey. This is the odyssey of Africa’s most famous safari, the Serengeti.

This area with its open grassland, which became the world’s first declared UNESCO World Heritage site in 1976, boasts 35 species of plain-dwelling game, and a feast to bird lovers.  But this area is most famed for one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, that of the great migration. An annual movement of wildebeest, zebras, and other herbivores crossing the greater Serengeti-Mara ecosystems.

Zebra in the Serengeti Alien Adventures

Photo credit: Alien Adventures

Annually over two million animals take part in this natural wonder. Around 500 00 zebras that are been followed by 200 000 Thomson’s gazelle, with the main players in this migration, about one and a half million wildebeest, with predators of big cats and hyenas not far behind.

These animals charge towards better grazing areas by migrating from the south eastern plains of Tanzania, where they spend feeding on the grass lands during the wet season, to across to Kenya’s Masai Mara. In total a near 1200 mile trek takes place annually over 150 000 square miles of open plains, woodlands and hills. An area that stretches past the borders of the Serengeti national park and Kenya’s Maasai Mara game reserve. Still, as observers of this greatest wildlife show on earth, tourist on safari will have the magic to experience the greatest mass movement of land mammals on the whole of earth, right in front of them. A route that is packed with danger. From the legendary Serengeti lions, of which there are around 3000, as well as cheetahs, leopards, hyenas preying on the herds as they pass, and massive crocodiles and hippos in the rivers lurking for their meals.

The best times to experience this migration is normally from July to October. However the engine that drives this migration which dictates where the animals will be at the different time of the year, is the rain. This year the migration started a month early, due to the dry conditions in the south. The herds were forced to head north a month earlier. The wildebeest already started to arrive in the central regions of the Serengeti in March, in search of grazing. But as the raining season starts in October till May. After May, the wildebeest will head towards Maasai Mara, north across the Seronera Valley and others will go through the western corridor.

Still, what you can expect after a day out on the plains, wondering at the sight of herds crossing plains and Nile crocodile and hippopotamus infested rivers as the seasons changes, you can retire in luxury tents. Tents that hinder back to the turn of the last century when hunters went out on hunting safaris. But the current accommodation is to the needs of the modern tourists, with hot bucket showers, Wi-Fi, and some with a private butler. During the evenings you could be enjoying bush dinners by candle light, and spend some time staring at the stars.

While you relax and scroll through the photos you have taken during your day out on safari, you will see why the Serengeti is true magic. From the landscape that is made up of volcanic grasslands, but also stretched out plains that are broken up by rocky outcrops, forests and rivers.

If the prediction is correct, this year’s migration will be dramatic. Filled with particular drama, of survival, as lions and monster crocodiles feasts on the herds of wildebeest and zebras making the migration. Do make sure that you experience this wonder by going on that overdue safari. This will not be just any safari, you will be experiencing the great show on earth. All happening in the Serengeti.


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