Croissant Craving at the Poznan Croissant Museum

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Poznan Croissant Museum, Poland sign and basket

Okay people of Poznan, you’ve got some explaining to do. How did I not know about the Poznan Croissant Museum before my visit to your cute little town? Why is it not screamed from the rooftops? Why is there no town crier bellowing “Hear Ye, Hear Ye” at the top of his (or her) lungs? Why did I only happen upon it on my last day there, just minutes before the last show of the day? I mean, people…it’s a museum for CROISSANTS!

Poznan Croissant Musuem, hours of operation, admission price

The Poznan Croissant Museum (Rogalowe Muzeum Poznania) is a relatively new attraction in Poznan. And although the name is a little misleading (there are no dusty displays of day-olds, no aisles of age-old baking sheets) it’s a stellar way to spend an hour or so if you find yourself craving a lesson on the fine art of croissant creation.

Poznan Croissant Museum, Poland vintage rogale croissant newspaper in Polish

The museum details Poznan’s love affair with the St. Martin Croissant. Glazed and topped with almonds, the St. Martin Croissant is denser and more robust than its flaky French and Austrian counterparts. Its thick horseshoe-shaped exterior hides a creamy poppy seed filling, accompanied by nuts, raisins, and almonds.

Poznan Croissant Museum, Poland -- St. Martin's croissant display

The curators/pastry chefs take you through how to make a croissant from start to finish. There’s a short video on the history of Poznan and how the St. Martin Croissant came to be the de facto pastry of town. A tasting of fresh croissants rounds out the visit.

Poznan Croissant Museum, Poland gift boxed croissants

The museum is housed in a refurbished tenement home in Poznan’s Old Market Square and sports what is perhaps the city’s best view of the Old Town Hall.

View of Poznan City Hall from Poznan Croissant Museum, Poland

The St. Martin Croissant was recently named a Protected Geographical Indication by the EU, and as such only croissants made in the area can officially carry the name.

Poznan Croissant Museum, Poland -- ingredients and tools

Sadly, because I did not book in advance, I did not get the full taste bud teasing experience. Pamela from Savoir Faire Abroad and I just happened upon the place (again, a rally call for that town crier!), so we showed up on the doorstep just before show time. Because there were less than the required 5 people, we didn’t get to participate in the making of the croissant, but the owners graciously offered to give us a quick tour, watch the video, and take part in a tasting. Completely free.

Poznan Croissant Museum, Poland -- pastry chef/curator

Lesson learned. If you want to get the full experience here, plan ahead. 

Poznan Croissant Museum, Poland, St. Martin's croissant

Poznan Croissant Museum Travel Tips

  • Call ahead to make a booking: (+48) 690 077 800. There needs to be a minimum of 5 people for a show to go ahead.
  • If you can make it to the show that starts at 11:10 AM each day, you’ll have a ringside seat for Poznan’s famous mechanical goat show at noon. It’s right across the square at the Old Town Hall.
  • Admission price is 14 PLN for adults (about $4.10 USD) for all shows except the 11:10 AM show. That one is 16 PLN (about $4.70 USD). Subtract 2 PLN for kids aged 3 to 16.

Would you visit the Poznan Croissant Museum?

My visit to Poland was organized on behalf of the Polish Economy Promotion Program in Canada. Its aim is to promote the  Polish food sector and encourage business contacts between Polish and Canadian companies in the industry.

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  1. A croissant museum! How great for us sweet tooth folk… We’ve visited toy, mask and mummy museums in Mexico and a chocolate museum in Germany. Too bad you didn’t get the experience of learning to make croissants – but eating them is probably better :-).


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