5 Quirky London Events in 2014

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Unique, Unusual & Offbeat London Events in 2014

Lovers of the strange, weird, and obscure take note — if you’re visiting London, England this year your spoiled for choice when it comes to the out-of-the-ordinary. Here are 5 quirky London events in 2014 to help you get your geek (and freak!) on:

World Science Fiction Convention (August 14 to 18, 2014)

WorldCon robot, unique unusual offbeat quirky events London 2014

Geeks and the people who love them (other geeks presumably) will invade ExCel — the London Exhibition and Convention Centre — for four days this August. Dubbed LonCon 3, this is the third time this holy grail of science fiction conventions will be hosted in London — and the first time since 1965. Bringing together writers, artists, editors and others involved in the creation and distribution of all things Sci-Fi, the convention is expected to welcome more than 7000 fans. And even some of them are women.

Nineworlds GeekFest (August 8 to 10, 2014)

Brony costumes, quirky London events in 2014

If you’re not content to attend just one science fiction event this summer (and who is?), or you’re just looking for an opportune time to come out of the geek closet, keep your eyes peeled for more info about Nineworlds GeekFest. Positioning itself as a more inclusive Sci-Fi outing, GeekFest is a melting pot of comics, literature, animation, steampunk, queer fandom, geek feminism, fanfic, Bronies, and a bunch of other things I don’t quite understand. Although from what I gather, Bronies are adult fans of My Little Pony. (I wonder if there’ll be a dance-off with the Furries?)

Held at the Radisson Blu Edwardian at London’s Heathrow airport, this will be the event’s second year. If you’re planning on attending each day of the convention, instead of paying for parking, your best bet is to just book a room at the hotel —  parking is included for all guests. Plus you’ll have some place to take that Bronie back to. Or Furry. We don’t judge.

Burlesque Idol (February to November, 2014)

Burlesque singer

The last Friday of each month sees the House of Burlesque run a Burlesque Idol competition at Madame Jo Jo’s in an effort to determine the next rising star in the art. Competitors from the UK, USA, Europe and Australia compete for audience votes, and the winner each week dances away with champagne, a makeover, and that staple of any up-and-coming performer — tassels. Check out WikiHow’s tips on How to Become a Burlesque Star if you want to throw your hat (among other things) into the ring.

London Loo Tours (until April 4, 2014)

Guide Dog Toilet sign, London quirky, unique unusual events

Taking the number one (and number two) place in my list of quirky London events for 2014 is London Loo Tours. “Exploring London’s rich history through the medium of the toilet,” Loo Tours leads participants through a 90-minute historical tour of the lowly public toilet. They also run a Porcelain Pub Prowl where you can feel free to get a pint or two to really see the loos in action. 

What quirky events in London are you looking forward to this year?

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  1. Ha! I have done the London Loo Tours. I have actually taken some really good photos the graffiti in them. It is a great way to see London!


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