Review of TEP Wireless: The Best Way to Access Wi-Fi When Traveling

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Heading off on a long trip or already on the road? You’ve probably already thought long and hard about the best way to access Wi-Fi when traveling. Sometimes there is still work to get done even when you are traveling, having internet connection is essential because that way if you need to go online to get royalty free images you can do it no matter where you are.

Maybe you work while on the road. Perhaps you rely on the Internet to find accommodation, transport, inspiration, information and deals. You probably want to be able to keep in touch with family and friends with ease.

However you spend your time online, most travelers want to be able to get online regularly. There are times when an Internet connection can be invaluable, for example for on-the-spot translations, last-minute plan changes and finding directions or contact details if you’re lost.

Have you tried TEP Wireless?

Brief Overview of TEP Wireless

A pocket-sized Teppy lets you create your own Wi-Fi hotspot in numerous countries around the world. Access the Internet with ease without having to rely on public hotspots or limiting yourself to one device. Different packages and arrangements are available to suit your traveling needs. Obtaining and returning your rented Teppy is easy. Long-term travelers may also see purchasing a Teppy as a sound investment.

The Pain of Finding Good Wi-Fi

If you use your data roaming facility you can look forward to a hefty bill!

Public Wi-Fi, both paid and free, is seen by many casual travelers as the best way of accessing Wi-Fi when traveling. But, you need to find a hotspot first, such as in your accommodation, at a café and at varied attractions. Signals may be weak and unreliable, especially if there are many people logged on to the network. And, connections may not be as secure as you would like them to be.

Getting a contract for a local sim card can be difficult abroad, so pay-as-you-go options are often best for travelers. If you’re heading off the beaten track, though, buying credit and getting a signal can be problematic. Plus, you are largely restricted to accessing the Internet from your phone.

Some travelers use a dongle for Internet access on a laptop in areas where there is a mobile signal. Connections can, however, be fairly slow and there are also often limits on downloads.

Why is TEP Wireless a Better Solution?

You can create your own Wi-Fi hotspot with TEP Wireless, protect your secure connection with a password and enjoy convenient connectivity on your travels.

The teppy is a small modem that creates a wireless network that up to five users / devices can access. Laptops, cellphones and tablets can all access the Internet through your TEP Wireless connection.

Using a Teppy means that you can access the best connection possible in the area you are in. TEP Wireless has built partnerships with the largest global network operators. This means that you are not restricted to the limitations of one particular service provider, as you are with, for example a local sim or a dongle.

If your travels will take you to particularly isolated areas, you can discuss coverage with TEP before arranging your plan.

How Does it Work?

Simply arrange for your rented Teppy to be delivered to you (or collect from a UK pickup point), use during the trip, and return by post when you get home (or when your rental period ends). You pay a flat daily rate (9.95 USD) for unlimited connectivity and are not bound by data limits and so on.

Try to make rental arrangements at least ten days before your trip, though last-minute orders are possible.

If you are a frequent traveler, you can also buy a Teppy; you then just pay for a daily connection when you need to.

TEP Wireless really does offer the best way to access Wi-Fi when traveling, especially if you make a living online. No more excuses about missing deadlines or not contacting your mom!

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