Review: Timberland Earthkeeper 2.0 Boots

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“If you’re not in your bed you’re in your shoes, and you shouldn’t scrimp on either.”

I read that someplace once, and it stuck with me. I guess because when you really think about it, it’s kinda true. So these past few years, I’ve become a little more “shoe aware.” I was going to say I’ve become a shoe snob, but no one likes a snob (it’s a four-letter word — I checked), so “shoe aware” it is. 

In any case, the good folks at JD Sports sent me a pair of Timberland boots to review, so here, in my humble opinion, is the lowdown.

Timberland Earthkeeper 2 0 Men s boots

Timberland Earthkeeper 2.0 Boots

The description from JD Sports’ website reads as follows:

“From Timberland are these men’s Earthkeeper 2.0 boots that feature a brown nubuck upper and a rubber sole for an updated look on this iconic design. They also feature tonal laces, metal lace eyelets, velcro fastening with Timberland branding, padded ankle and stamped Timberland branding on the side.” 

The Pros

Well, for one, they’re pretty stylish. And probably the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn straight out of the box. I’ve had boots before that either irritated my toes or my ankles (I’ve been diagnosed with fat ankles — true story), but had none of that with the Timberlands. They’re also surprisingly light. I mean, they’re boots, but not super chunky, and it doesn’t feel like you’ve got lead weights on your feet. That’s a plus right?

The Cons

The only downside I can see are the soles. They’re more stylish than utilitarian, so they can be a tad slippery going up or down hills in the rain. There are lots of cobblestone streets and sidewalks in my area, and a couple of times the grip could’ve been more…grippier? That’s a word right? In their defence, I’ve had the same problem with my Converse and flip-flops and Merrells, so perhaps it’s more well-worn cobblestone at fault than anything intrinsic to the boot design.

The Verdict

You won’t be doing any jungle trekking in these, but if you’re after stylin’, well-fitting boots to beat around town and for casual hiking, then a pair of Timberland Earthkeeper 2.0 boots is a worthy contender.

P.S. (I received a pair of complimentary Timberland boots from JD Sports in exchange for a review.)

P.P.S (I had some snazzy photos of me in the boots, but thanks to a corrupted SD card, those went out the window. I’ll update this post when I get some more. Photos that is. Well, and maybe some more SD cards too.) 🙂

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