The Road to Prosperity is Paved With…Burgers?

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Changi Airport, Singapore

My friend Bill, upon encountering an old friend who had grown quite…rotund, diplomatically remarked, “My…you’re looking prosperous!”

That’s one way of acknowledging the elephant in the room. (No pun intended.)

Perhaps that’s the same train of thought behind the naming of McDonald’s latest offering in parts of Asia – the Prosperity Burger.

*Click on image to enlargeMcDonald's Prosperity Burger, Changi Airport, Singapore Chinese New Year

On the way to the ASEAN Tourism Forum in Manado, Indonesia, I stopped for a few days to see friends in Singapore. I spotted this sandwich sign the day I hightailed it out of there.

There’s nothing like dining at McDonald’s to get showy with your money. Abundance comes in many forms, but Prosperity comes only in Chicken and Beef. It’s nice that you have a choice though.

Or maybe it’s ‘”extreme visualization” like those helmeted, bike-free ladies on the bus in Vietnam (If I wear the helmet long enough, the universe will send me a motorcycle). In this case — if I eat enough Prosperity burgers, the universe will bring me cold, hard cash.

It probably has more to do with the Chinese New Year though. But who knows – I am in Asia after all. And thinks work a whole lot differently over here.

Apparently there is also the Double Prosperity Burger available, which begs the question, “Why would anyone stop at only Single Prosperity?”

McDonald's Double Prosperity Burger Celebrates Abundance

Then again, my waistline is abundant enough.

What are your thoughts on the Prosperity Burger.

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