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Phuket Thailand — Roomorama Reviews

When I looked into the prices of reasonable accommodation in Phuket, as my dear old Ma likes to say, I nearly pooped a rib. (That’s not a good thing.)

Phuket can be a budget-buster when it comes to accommodation.

Patong beach, Phuket Thailand

So when Roomorama asked if I would review their service in exchange for a credit to use towards one of their partner properties, well then, how could I say no?

What is Roomorama?

I had actually never heard of Roomorama until Beth and Randy from BeersAndBeans had written about them. Bananarama? Sure. They’re the go-to for all my 80’s girl band music. Roomba? Of course. It’s THE name in robot vacuums after all. But Roomorama? That one was a bit of a mystery. So I was certainly interested.

Banarama by Jonathan Root

Turns out, they provide short-term rental transactions quickly, easily and securely (that’s Roomorama of course, not Bananarama).

How does Roomorama work?

You input your destination, the dates you want to go, and a listing of available accommodations is displayed. You then send a message to the host to signal your interest, and the host responds back with a yay or nay. It’s not rocket science (thankfully, as even the most basic of sciences escapes me).

roomorama reviews, roomorama discount code

Within a couple of hours of sending my request, I had a response back from Fred that the 12 Rooms Guesthouse was indeed available for the nights I wanted.

I sent my payment (plus the small fee that Roomorama gets) and I received my confirmation. Easy stuff this internet is these days.

The Roomorama Verdict

My only complaint was the name of the guesthouse as listed on Roomorama was “12 Rooms Guesthouse”. When I told the shuttle bus driver from the airport, he looked at me like I’d just asked to put a dead hooker in the trunk. (Cue the crickets.)

Even the travel agency we stopped at en route did not know “12 Rooms”. Thankfully my trusty travel companion remembered the name Baan Nitra from a Google search of the address, so we were good to go.

Roomorama Baan Nitra Guesthouse and Bar sign Phuket Thailand

I mentioned this to Fred — the owner of Baan Nitra Guesthouse – so he emailed Roomorama,  and it was fixed the next day. You can see the Baan Nitra listing here.

Roomorama Baan Nitra Guesthouse exterior, Patong, Phuket Thailand

Baan Nitra itself is a pretty good budget option if you’re looking for clean, reasonably-priced accommodations in Patong Beach, Phuket. Our room had a balcony, free (albeit sketchy at times) wi-fi, air conditioning, a small retro fridge, and some funky murals to boot. The free water on the first day was a nice touch too.

Roomorama Baan Nitra Guesthouse Patong beach, Phuket Thailand bedroom

And although the guesthouse is not near the beach (this is why it’s a good budget option!), a scooter rental next door only cost about $7 a day.

Roomorama Baan Nitra Guesthouse Patong, Phuket Thailand Please Do Not Disturb SignI was also under the impression that Roomorama only had rooms available for rent from locals. And while there is certainly a fine selection of “alternative” accommodations available in private homes, cozy cottages, and luxe penthouses, there is also a stellar selection of smaller guesthouses and boutique hotels to choose from as well. Hence why Baan Nitra was on the list of rentals.

Would I use Roomorama again? For sure. They have listings you probably are not going to find on places like, and And if you already use, then this is similar to be sure. The difference will be in the properties available and the system used to book.

Roomorama Voucher Giveaway

To persuade you to at least check out their site, Roomorama has graciously offered a $50 US credit voucher to one lucky reader of Man on the Lam.

All you have to do is leave a comment below stating which Roomorama city you would use the voucher in and why.

The most creative answer as judged be me (and whoever happens to be sitting next to me on the day of judging) will win the $50 US Roomorama voucher. Plus I’ll throw in my Bananarama mixed-tape if the answer is really creative.

I’m keeping my Roomba though.

Contest runs until January 31, 2012.


The contest is now closed!

Congratulations to Clara Siguenza who won with her clever comment pulled from Bananarama song titles. Thanks everyone for your participation! And thanks to Roomorama for making this possible!


$50 Roomorama Discount Code

The contest may be over, but you can still get yourself a $50 Roomorama discount code. All you need to do is sign up using this invite link:

Roomorama will give you $50 travel credit for your first booking. If you’ve already signed up for Roomorama, you can still receive the $50 discount code by just signing up with another email address. Hey, 50 bucks is 50 bucks!


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  1. So “i heard a rumor” that the Man on the lam “he’s got tact” for such a “shy boy” and is “really saying something” great about Roomarama with a bit of “love, truth and Honesty” when “the last thing on my mind” after a “long train running” thru a “cruel summer” is the name of a great room booking service. Thanx so much for the “help!” since you are out there in “the wild life” as “king of the jungle” to bad there aren’t any rooms in “venus”. I love to use it in Guatemala city or Rome so “cheers then”

  2. Thanks for the insight into budget friendly accommodations in Phuket. I may be heading to Thailand later this year. If I’m in girl band mode I will give you a holler for more info. I favor the sounds of the guys & gals with big hair and sequins of ABBA. They’re an old favorite of mine.

  3. After browsing through the Roomarama offerings, I decided on a $99 apt. in Trapani Sicily. I chose it because I have been immersed in Sicilian books for A Traveler’s Library upcoming Sicily week, but also because it is a dammuso–which I had to look up. There was another dammuso at $640 but I figured you’d never speak to me again if I stayed in a $640 a night place. (AND PLEASE==I tried not to be to clever because I don’t want that CD!)

  4. Fantastic write-up Raymond! We used Roomorama several times during our trip in Europe this past autumn and loved each place.

    I’d use my voucher in Paris, so I could pursue my dream of becoming the city’s first subway musician to recreate the Bananarama experience through a mixed-media exhibition consisting of VHS and BETA videos, a boombox and a fog machine. Obviously, your Bananarama mixed-tape would play an integral role in the show.

  5. Just like you, i thought about Bananarama when I first heard of Roomorama LOL 😛 Will use their service by next month 😀

    1. I have to say, it’s pretty straight forward. If you’ve ever booked a hotel or flight online, it’s very similar.

      We’re still talking Bananarama here right? 🙂

  6. I’d like a Roomorama room in Seoul, South Korea so I could play Bananarama as loud as possible without my roommates and co-workers judging me.

    Just kidding.

    But not really.

  7. Hmmm…if it were me, I´d go “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” style, and find myself a Salandar-esque hideaway in Stockholm with my Roomorama voucher.

  8. I was going to go to Phuket but I didn’t have the money and I was really busy and finally I just has to say aaaaahhh Phuket.
    (I apologize. I couldn’t stop myself. I tried. I really tried.)

  9. Seriously! I’m really glad we stayed in Phuket because we ended up getting some really fun surf, but we couldn’t believe the prices either. We didn’t know about Roomerama before we went there, but this sounds like a great option. If I were to win a Roomerama voucher, I would probably use it in Portugal!

  10. i’ve been checking them out for my stay in europe this summer – found some i’d be interested in lisbon! with the voucher i’d stay in zurich longer, since most of the rooms i’ve found are more on the expensive side and i’ll be very low on money around that time =)

  11. Oh C’MON Clara! You have the first comment and you pull it off like that! Clara wins – give it to her. But if something were to happen to her . . .

    I’m going to Mexico!

  12. Sham and Lam rhymes just fine! (oh that rhymed too!)

    Ok, well anyway I’d use roomarama for sure in Germany namely Hannover and Berlin and anywhere else I haven’t planned if I haven’t spent it all anywhere else ($50USD can be used a couple times if bargain deals can be had).

    This man over here ran out of crazy things to convince the pickers 😉

  13. i wanna use it when i go back to the Philippines LOL 🙂 thinking of not going straight to our house and just surprise my family once im back in Manila 🙂

  14. hello

    this is baan nitra guesthouse Patong Beach
    just a little message to say thank you for that great review , it s even more than a review
    you are all welcome to stay in patong one day or more, we ll try to help you find your ways and the what to do in patong and there s a lot…
    thank you and
    see you soon

    leave a comment below stating which Roomorama city you would use the voucher in and why.

    Bangkok, because it s on the way to my family in Chaiyaphum from phuket, would be nice to sleep in another place than in the car for once…lol

    1. Hi Fred! Glad you liked the article! And thanks for your hospitality during my stay!

      Sleeping in your car is a great choice if you’re on a budget, but I think a Roomorama room would be a much better option! 🙂

  15. Sounds like another great website to bookmark! We’ve used Airbnb twice, both with good results. It’s nice to stay in an apartment and locals are great sources for offbeat things to do and places to eat.

    I would use the voucher in Vietnam on the first leg of our around-SE Asia-EXTRAVAGANZA! 😀

  16. Well, I’m really entering this for the Bananarama mixed-tape, but I would use the voucher either in Paraty, Brazil or Prague. Paraty because we hope to go there soon and I know it has lots of smaller accommodations. Prague because the city is full of boutique hotels, private rooms, etc., and accommodations there tend to be expensive if you don’t choose carefully and have a good site to sift through the options.


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