For Sale: 1 Private Island – Stunning Views, Quiet Neighbours, Handyman Special

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Interested in your very own private island? This one’s got potential. Postcard views. Quiet solitude. Sand as fine as the coke your dealer keeps for himself. This is paradise. And it’s on the market.

This fixer-upper comes to us compliments of Thailand. Though you probably don’t know it by name, you may just have seen photos of it at some point in time. It’s Koh Ma – located a stone’s throw from Mae Haad Beach in north-western Koh Phangan, Thailand. And it’s in just about every tourism brochure for Koh Phangnan on the planet.

The notorious Full Moon Party in Koh Phagnan is, thankfully, at the opposite end of the island from this little charmer. So leave your earplugs at home – you won’t be needing them here. Unless of course the sound of the lapping waves gets to be too much.

To get here, there are two easy points of access from Koh Phagnan. Well, only one of them is easy – this is the other…

Dirt Road to Mae Haad Beach, Koh Phangnan, Thailand

If you are eco-friendly like the previous tenants and are traveling by scooter, abandon it here if it hasn’t already stalled out on you. It only gets steeper from here.

The view of your future home however, is unparalleled from this point.

Koh Ma, Thailand

For beach access at the bottom, you are spoiled for choice – log straddle, or tire traverse. Doubles as a great children’s play area as well.

Tire and Log Crossing Over River

The beach that greets you is ripe for sun-worshipping. If more nautical pursuits tickle your fancy, this is a also snorkelers and divers paradise.

Mae Haad Beach, Koh Phagnan

Mae Haad Beach looking towards Koh Ma

A sandbar separates Wae Haad Beach on Koh Phagnan from your new address. Selling agent is not responsible for water damage to your wheeled Samsonite.

Sandbar to Koh Ma Thaland

A sign, or perhaps grave marker, welcomes you and your guests to your new home.

Koh Ma Sign

As one of the safest environments in Thailand (there are no inhabitants) Koh Ma has recently been declared a gun-free zone.

No Guns Sign, Koh Ma, Thailand

The luxurious fine-dining restaurant is just waiting for your finishing touches.

Abandoned Restaurant, Koh Ma

Abandoned Restaurant, Koh Ma, Thailand

Restaurant Kitchen

A single-detached hut on the grounds makes for a cozy granny suite. The open floor plan is sure to be a hit with the in-laws.

Hut, Koh Ma

Set in a generous plot and bordered by mature trees providing unrivalled privacy, these tropical bungalows with en-suite will keep your guests coming back time and time again.

Abandoned Bungalow

Abandoned Bungalows, Koh Ma, Thailand

Abandoned Outbuilding

These units come fully furnished, and just need a little TLC to restore them to their former glory.

Bungalow bedroom, Koh Ma

Good Maid Needed

View of sandbar to Mae Haad Beach from bunglaow, Koh Ma

An island-wide recycling program is currently in the works. Until then, feel free to dispose of your rubbish anywhere.

No Littering SIgn

Island Garbage Can

In a sought after area with ample mooring for several of your vessels, this diamond in the rough has recently been reduced. It’s a bargain at a paltry 7.5 million USD.

How can you afford this you may ask?  How can you afford not to.

Now entertaining well qualified buyers.

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  1. The island and views are gorgeous, the accommodations not so much. But hey with 7.5 million and change alot of renovations can be done. This is cool, that gun sign is a little freaky though.

  2. Wow 7.5 million isn’t TOO bad. I mean it’s 7.5 million than I have, but still. How big is it?

      1. Oh, so this means I would lose precious land. Isn’t that like selling a flooding house? Raymond, Raymond… you almost had me going that this was an actual bargain.

      1. Alas no, I’m presently merely renting the couch (though I do own a couple of very snazzy throw pillows.)

        Actually, I was planning on furnishing the place (including a Dresden porcelain bidet w/ matching jacuzzi for that lovely bathroom) with the $500k leftover from the island purchase.

        But no wifi you say? Sorry, but that’s a deal breaker. No way would I want to leave that cozy bungalow and trudge over to Mai Haad each day – merely to post comments on blather such as yours.

  3. I’ve just been informed that a wealthy Nigerian Government Official is holding 13 million US dollars for me. Can I give you his contact info and let you guys work out the details of my new island? Just hold the change for me so I can do some fixing up around the island. Thanks.

  4. How many eggs can I sell… hmm… yeah, I think that one would take me a while. With no inheritance in sight, I think I’ll have to pass on this one.

  5. This post narrowly missed out on this week’s Friday Five – but only because I hate you for making me feel like I won’t be happy until I own my own Thai island.


  6. I just crossed the sandbar to go check it out. It has great views and great potential. Given the interest in this Island if we (interested parties) create a corp with 7.5M shares and then have interested people buy as many shares as they can afford it can definitely be done. The profits can be reinvested to make the island a traveller’s paradise, theme island, etc. or distributed back to the investors.


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