Speak: Facebook photos vs. Flickr vs. Picasa vs. Smugmug

Posted by - January 21, 2011 | Category: Archives

This lady has done a great job comparing Flickr to Picasa and other options out there. I’m in the market for a photo solution, so this is helping immensely. The comments from other bloggers are pretty useful too….Speak: Facebook photos vs. Flickr vs. Picasa vs. Smugmug


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  1. I too did a ton of research to find the best site to display my travel photos. For me that likewise was SmugMug: Through the Eyes of TravelnLass. It was important to me that my originals were NOT compressed (as does Flickr), and that I can protect my images from pilfer. I also love that SmugMug offers so many different views.

    1. Dyanne — those photos are absolutely amazing. I’m going to grab a cup of tea later tonight and peruse it thoroughly! Is there anywhere you haven’t been?

      I also love the idea of giving out those customized cards. A really classy personal touch I have to say. Were they very expensive? I think I’ll have to take a boo at http://www.moo.com later too…thanks!


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