Supersized: Orlando Home to World’s Largest McDonald’s (For Now)

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The World’s Largest McDonald’s, Orlando, Florida

Outside of the World's Largest McDonald's, Orlando, Florida Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event

Okay yes, I went to McDonald’s, so shoot me. No, seriously — someone please shoot me. I think there’s a gun shop around the corner. I mean, this is America.

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I had heard that the World’s Largest McDonald’s restaurant was in Orlando, and since my hotel (the lovely Las Palmeras by Hilton (formerly the Westin Imagine Orlando) was just down the road, I popped by to get my grease on. Plus they had pizza.

Pizza and Ice Cream Sign - World's Largest McDonald's, Orlando, Florida Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event

Even though the bulk of McDonald’s restaurants on the planet stopped serving McPizza back in the mid-90s, this location on Sand Lake Road in Orlando has a Gourmet Menu with all sorts of delights you won’t find at a lesser McDonald’s.

Eggs Benedict Panini anyone?


Did you notice the Cup of Dirt under the For Kids Only section? Damn kids get all the good stuff.

The World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s & PlayPlace

World's Largest McDonald's, Orlando, Florida Aeroplan 009

This location also bills itself as The World’s Largest Entertainment & PlayPlace McDonald’s which, for the purposes of anyone who’s thinking of having kids, is the ideal place to drop by to see what you’re getting yourself into.

Here’s a test for you — what do you notice about the photo below?

Deal or No Deal video game at World's Largest McDonald's, Orlando, Florida Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event

If you said “the cute little girl playing Deal or No Deal,” then congratulations are in order — it’s time to ditch the birth control. I wish you only the best with your TV/video game-addicted spawn.

If like me you said, “The Exit” then let’s head out that door arm-in-arm! Hopefully it leads to a vasectomy/tube-tying facility. I think I may even have a coupon.

Games Room at World's Largest McDonald's, Orlando, Florida Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event

Okay maybe it’s not that bad. It’s a little dated, a little crowded (with both people and junk), and there’s just not a lot to do for a big galoot like me. Other than scarf down my meal and wish I was somewhere else. Like Legoland. Or the Holy Land. Or some far off distant McDonald’s-free land.

Crane Game in Games Room at World's Largest McDonald's, Orlando, Florida Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event

The entire second floor is devoted to games for kids – over 100 midway-type arcade games in all. But even with all those flashing lights, it’s creepily dark up there. I’m not saying that there are carnies hiding in the shadows (although that is a distinct possibility) but I certainly hope there are flashlights in those Happy Meals.

Games Rooma at World's Largest McDonald's, Orlando, Florida Aeroplan

Arcade Games sign -- World's Largest McDonald's, Orlando, Florida Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event

The place could certainly use a bit of a refresh. It looks like most of the games have seen better days. Much like this helmeted Ronald McDonald with a missing hand.

Race car driving Ronald McDonald missing a hand -- World's Largest McDonald's, Orlando, Florida Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event

Which led me to think what poor Ronnie had done to deserve such punishment.

“As to the thief, male or female, cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of example, from Allah, for their crime…” – Quran 5:38

Ba Da Ba Ba Bah, I'm Lovin It Sign, Statue of Liberty wrapped in American Flag, World's Largest McDonald's, Orlando, Florida Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event

And what’s this? The Statue of Liberty swathed in an American flag, a half-lit marquee, AND a Christmas light-lined cage filled with stuffed animals? Ba da ba ba bah – I’m Lovin’ It!

The Most Unique McDonald's in the World Sign, World's Largest McDonald's, Orlando, Florida Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event

Yes, those are hands coming out of the wall. I guess that does make it unique.

World's Largest McDonald's, Orlando, Florida Aeroplan Welcome Abaord Event

I thought that these might be American President bobbleheads hovering over the stairs, but after seeing number 2 (who looks nothing like Obama), I was puzzled.

So I asked around on Facebook. Best answer goes to Coastal Confessions Travel Blog who responded with Sam Kinison, Bill Cosby, Ron White, Steve Jobs, and Dave Grohl. Although I think number 4 could be David Letterman. And number 5 could be a tribute to the Amish as a whole.

Facepainting at World's Biggest McDonald's, Orlando, Florida Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event

And this must be the section where they dole out the punishment.

Mac Tonight at the Piano -- World's Largest McDonald's, Orlando, Florida Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event

And what aging McDonald’s would be complete without a bowlegged Mac Tonight?

Ronald McDonald on park bench outside World's Largest McDonald's, Orlando, Florida Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event

And a cross-legged Ronald.

I had thought about coming back and spray-painting the word “Flee” in place of the word “See”, but since they’re open 24 hours, I thought the odds of getting busted were pretty high.

Plus if I had to suffer through it, so should others. I’m a big fan of bearing witness.

So I know what you’re thinking – what about the “For Now” bit in the title of this post? Well it seems this McDonald’s will only be able to hold onto the reign for another few months. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, A massive 1500-seat McDonald’s is set to open in London near the site of the London 2012 Olympics, making it the World’s Biggest McDonald’s by a pretty large margin.

I wonder if they’ll serve edible medals?

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  1. Oh, who doesn’t crave some chicken nuggets every now and then – admit it! My 6-year old grandson would love that place. I think that’s who McDonald’s markets to the most anyway.

  2. WOW! I stayed at Westgate resorts and passed this McDonald’s everyday! Yes, it looked cool, but I had NO idea that it was so great on the inside!

    Now I feel bad that we didn’t go. I was with 2 kids that begged to go each time they saw it. I’m on a guilt trip right now!

  3. So what did you order? Mango smoothie?

    You should (not) try CiCi’s Pizza. The cheapest meal you will ever eat, especially with the coupon! All you can eat. Oh…

    …and it has a cheesy arcade.

  4. Well done! Ahhh, tourist America – we do it well. An oasis of garbage games and food and our kids love it! They drool over it! Strange indeed.

    I won’t bother saying i won’t go back. That would be a lie! Crappy amusements and garbage food sadly get us every time!

  5. This place is sooo weird and creepy. But seriously, a 1500-seat McDonalds? That’s 1500 seats too many.

  6. I surprised myself with how unappealing I found this McDo.

    It reminds me of an English seaside town from a few decades ago (maybe they imported the games and the decor from England).

    I wonder how popular this place is? Was it crowded?

  7. I’m not a McDonald’s fan, but the menu at this McDonald’s looked not bad. I probably give the food here a try, and then regret it after. I think I’d probably take my meal to go though. I can only imagine how loud it is with play area.

  8. Once again I’m laughing out loud. That looks like my idea of hell. I’ve driven past there once, but had no idea it had all those crazy things. Pizza and Pannini….I had no idea!!

  9. Raymond, thanks so much for saving so many of us from what looks like a creepy step back in time. I’m even more thankful for the picture of the outside of this place so if I ever happen to pass by I can apply a reasonable amount of force on the gas pedal and tell my girls there is a dancing pink elephant on the other side of the street. Disaster avoided… you’re a life saver!

  10. I still find it amusing (and sad) that McDonalds is the official restaurant of Olympics. I mean really? I am tempted to go check out the worlds biggest McDonalds at the Olympic site once it opens in London, I mean it is the official Olympic restaurant, they must’ve done something with the menu…

  11. A super-sized McDonald’s. Hard to believe it is real. Looks like a put-on. The saddest thing to me in Orland was the group of English ladies of a certain age on a bus. They told us they come to America every year on the cheap flights to Orlando, and that’s the only place they go. 🙁

    1. Oh dear. That is sad. They should head to Miami and live it up!

      I did enjoy my time in Orlando, but I don’t think I could go there year after year.

  12. Wow; I had forgotten all about Mac Tonight — and now I can’t get that song out of my head (thanks for that!)

    We’re still going in June — despite the cheesiness — while it can still claim the “World’s Largest” title!

  13. McPizza, Paninis, and a Game Room? I’ve never even heard of a McDonald’s like this. I can imagine it’s a kids’ paradise 🙂 I hope that I’ll make it to the other big kids’ attraction in orlandon later this year (i.e., Disneyland). Don’t think I’ll head to McDonald’s, but I really appreciate you sharing this. McPizza? Really? 🙂 Awesome!

  14. This may have been the reason why five hurricanes struck the city in that one season I was there… and yet it endures. Can I say, I’m actually intrigued? Worth a look if only to try the cup of dirt.

  15. Wow, yes, this definitely adds a whole new meaning to the term “supersized”!! I’m guessing the “cup of dirt” is something crumbly, chocolate-y and comprised of a day’s worth of calories, yes?

  16. We used to stay at a hotel a block or so away from this McDonald’s, and you’re right, it’s dark inside and kinda weird. It doesn’t really seem like a wholesome atmosphere for kids like most McDonald’s do.

    1. That corral thing they have in front of the tills is a bit of turn off as well — you have to order at one till, then move through the line and pay and get your order at another.

  17. Hi Raymond, I’m Andre, a journalist and travel blog editor from Brazil. Recently I posted about the biggest Mc Donald’s in the World and I found very difficult to find good pics on the web. I’d like you authorization to use your pictures in my Blog since they are very good ones. Thanks a lot.


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