TEP Wireless Review – All You Need to Know about the Best Wi-fi Hotspot

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Traveling to a different new country can be an amazing experience, and even more special if you have an unlimited Wi-Fi connection through TEP Wireless.

What is TEP? Simply speaking, it’s the device that saved my vacation just a few months ago. After getting together with a few buddies from San Francisco, we planned our trip to Europe, and decided at the last minute to try out TEP as our new Wi-Fi provider.

Even though it was a gamble, since we had never used it before, this handy little gadget ended up being even more reliable than the Wi-Fi connection at restaurants we visited in places like Florence and Paris. In fact, it even ended up working quite well in some of the more remote regions we visited.

The Colosseum in Rome Italy

No problems using TEP in Rome

Conventional Plans vs. TEP – What You Need to Know

The first thing you need to know about TEP Wireless is that it’s not your average Wi-Fi hotspot. Unlike most Internet providers, it won’t ask you for a small fortune for taking your online connection beyond the border. In fact, the price is a total of less than $10 a day.

Basically, once you rent it, you will be provided with the TEP modem – a tiny, well-designed device that you can take with you on your travels – and you only have to return it after you get home from your vacation.

TEP gives you unlimited Internet access, via a secure travel Internet hotspot that works on a radius of 15 meters around the device. When you connect, you’ll find that both 3G and 4G speeds are available, so if you have a 4G phone – even better! I actually have to agree with most TEP Wireless review posts in saying that the speed stays quite consistent throughout the entire time you use it, with just a few exceptions in certain remote areas where the mobile network signal can get a little weaker.

The Practical Features of the Product

● The TEP device can be conveniently rented online, and it always arrives at your doorstep on time

● Portable and compact, it can be carried anywhere and stored without much difficulty

● The battery can last for up to 8 hours – 20 hours on standby

● Pre-configured secure password, so no one will linger around your connection and use your bandwidth

● The company has excellent customer support (including live chat), so any issues that may come up will be resolved in no time

● TEP gets the job done in a more straightforward fashion than any other portable Wi-Fi modem, ensuring that you never lose connection when you need it most

Renting the TEP Portable Wi-Fi Device

The process of renting your device is simple. As soon as you decide on when you’ll be leaving and how long your vacation or business trip will take, simply go to the TEP website, and enter all the details it asks for about your trip. After submitting your information, the device will be posted to you along with a charger and everything else you need.

While on holiday, you can use the TEP all day, every day, as your own personal travel Wi-Fi hotspot. Once you’re done, simply return it via the included postage bag, and you don’t have to deal with anything else.

Should you have any problems with the device, all you have to do is call their friendly customer support service, and you’ll find that they can be very resourceful. They were quite helpful at first, when I called them because of a problem I had in understanding some of the instructions on how to set up the wireless Internet hotspot (sadly, I’m not all that tech-savvy, but fortunately, I didn’t really have to be at all).

The Remarkable Potential of TEP Wireless – Using Your Wireless Hotspot

If you read through some other TEP Wireless review posts, you’ll see just how much you can do with this exceptional little gadget. TEP can help you find hotels, restaurants, venues, and anything else you need on short notice, and it can also assist you in keeping in touch with your friends and family through social media or email – it even supports video uploads and video/voice calls via Skype.

Getting directions in a strange, foreign land is also no longer an issue. With constant, high-speed Internet access at your disposal, you can access your favourite maps and establish the quickest route to your destination.

Finally, for those who also enjoy gaming, TEP wireless is one of the only portable Wi-Fi devices that can support that kind of demanding online activity without asking you to pay a whole lot of money.

Of course, like any hi-tech device, it still has its limitations. TEP only allows 5 devices to be connected at the same time on your network, so it can be a little limiting if you travel with a larger party.

TEP Wireless device rental

Great Prices for Unlimited Internet Access

With TEP, you can enjoy unlimited 3G/4G internet access at a very affordable cost. For a quick 7-day trip, you can expect to pay less than $70, while two weeks will cost be charged at just under $140. Also, you’ll find that renting the device for a longer period of time can bring you far lower prices when compared to TEP’s main competitors.

All in all, you really can’t get a better deal than this, especially considering that most providers will charge you double for a much less convenient and reliable service. TEP Wireless will definitely be the only Wi-Fi device I use from now on.

*This is a guest post by Jack Williamson. 

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