The Good Me/Evil Me Take on The Tree of Life in Bahrain

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The Tree of Life in Bahrain

Evil Me instantly thinks, “This is it? A scraggly pile of sticks rising up out of the sand?” 

Good Me thinks,  “But it’s a 400-year old tree, in the middle of the Bahrain desert, with no known source of water. That’s kinda cool. Isn’t it? Kinda?”

Tree of Life Bahrain 002

Evil Me thinks, “Even the graffiti on its saggy branches isn’t interesting. I’ve seen stronger trunks on dead elephants — a strong wind and this thing’ll keel over.  And there’s not even a bloody sign along the road to tell you where the turnoff is. This is just sad.”

Good Me thinks, “The only sad thing is reprehensible defacement of such a lovely symbol of Bahrain — phoenix rising from the ashes/where there’s a will there’s a way — you know, that sort of thing. And I think the lack of a roadside signs makes it more mysterious, like you’re in on a secret or something.”

Tree of Life Bahrain 017

Evil Me thinks, “Well it’s no secret how that security guard must feel — stuck here all day in his plastic lawn chair watching wide-eyed fools like us make the pilgrimage to this battered old thing. Tree of Life? More like ‘Clinging to Life.'”

Good Me thinks, “Finally they are protecting a national treasure from further damage. First the fence, now the security guard — it’s good they are taking steps to safeguard it for future generations.”

The Tree of Life in Bahrain

Evil Me curses himself for driving the impossibly dull and confusing roads from Manama to see the thing.

Good Me congratulates himself for navigating the sometimes tricky but overall pleasant drive to the site. “We got to see oilfields, and refineries, and pipelines, and a piece of Bahrain few get to see, what more do you want Evil Me?”

Tree of Life Bahrain 001

oil refinery bahrain.jpg

Tree of Life Bahrain 013

The Tree of Life is Getting a Facelift

According to the Gulf Daily News, there are plans to spruce up the area surrounding the Tree of Life in an attempt to lure more visitors. The project “will feature a spectacular amphitheatre…a viewing area, kiosks and tourist attractions.” 

Work on the amphitheatre has already started.

Tree of Life Bahrain 012

Evil Me and Good Me can agree on one thing — we’re both glad we got to see the Tree of Life before it became a sideshow, instead of the main (albeit somewhat disappointing) event.

What’s your take on the Tree of Life in Bahrain — would you have a “Good Me” or “Evil Me” reaction?

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19 comments - add one
  1. Opening photo made the instant connection with the name. For a tree to grow in the middle of nothing like that is a wonder.

    I’m glad that you (and therefor by extension, me) got to see this before the theme park surrounds it.

  2. All of the above. My shoulders would have been burdened by both an angel and a devil. In the end, I think I’d rejoice in my accomplishments and it makes for a funny story. Thanks for the share. I always enjoy reading your posts.

  3. I had been to Bahrain last week. I tried to visit ‘tree of life’ and lost the way. I enquired people at five places and each one had given wrong directions, which forced me to leave the plan. I will be coming from Saudi to Bahrain. Can any one in this forum, please inform me detailed road directions from Dana Mall area, including landmarks and signal points so that, next week, I plan to visit this place again…. Await your replies. Thanks alot in advance..

  4. I love the dialogue! I’ve definitely struggled with the same thing sometimes when seeing some famous landmark. I’m disappointed to hear about all the superfluous things going up around it too, that’s really a shame.

  5. I think “Good Me” would take over in my case based on your opening paragraph alone. It is quite fascinating that a tree that big could survive 400 years in the desert with nothing but oil refineries nearby.

    However, I am not surprised by this decision to add more kiosks and tourist attractions to lure more visitors.

    I wonder if this has anything to do with Qatar hosting the World Cup in 2022 and thousands of foreign visitors expected to arrive in the Gulf Region for that event?

    1. I hadn’t thought about the World Cup, so that could be it indeed Ray. Although the Gulf countries do tend to try to one-up each other with attractions, so maybe it’s Bahrain’s turn to make a mountain out of a molehill. 🙂


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