This Land is Our Land

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To be honest, I never put much thought into borders. My biggest exposure has been pretty much the same as most of you — crossing them. But in many parts of the world, there are of course disputed zones. And it seems Canada is no different. Now being the peace-loving folk we’re known for, I can’t really see us going to war over the Arctic. I mean, let’s face it, the Golan Heights or Kashmir it is not. But it is rich in oil reserves, and as other areas dry up, alternate sources need to be found.   

Surfing through the in-flight entertainment that Air Canada so lovingly offers, I came across this documentary on my flight today.  It’s called This Land by Dianne Whelan, and it’s funded by the National Film Board of Canada. It follows a team of Canadian army personnel as they make their way from Resolute to the northern most tip of Canada.  It’s just over 30 minutes long, and it’s well worth it just to view the stunning scenery alone.  Here’s a preview:

I also found this great article from the Edmonton Sun that also gives some insight into the dispute.  Looks like the Arctic is heating up.

If you want to watch the full documentary for This Land, just click here.

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