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What do you think of when you think of Asia? China and Japan are probably the first countries that come to mind, but there are so many hidden jewels across this fabulous continent.

Come on a journey with us as we help you discover some of our favorite Asia hotspots with some top tips for your Asia trip – from Indonesia to Nepal and mesmerizing Thailand.

Where to go

Bali, Indonesia:


Considered a couple’s destination, Bali in Indonesia is an ideal, invigorating romantic hotspot for lovers of all ages – whether you are honeymooning, or informally reminiscing vows of yesteryear! While Bali has become popular in recent years and boasts luxurious accommodation for you to rest your head in, there are still hidden gems waiting to be explored, from tempting temples to unique nature trails and hikes that allow you to embrace the spirit of Mother Nature in true tranquility.

Phuket, Thailand:


There is something for everyone in and around the fabulous destination of Phuket, from the budget backpacker scene to the luxurious traveler. A lush, green destination brimming with beautiful beaches, this is the place to soak up the sun, sea, sand and surf!

While touted as Thailand’s perfect honeymoon hotspot, Phuket welcomes a plethora of guests.

For more mid-range beach accommodation options, it’s best to head to Kamala and Laguna. However, if you are looking for luxury beach resorts in Thailand then we head to the beaches of Surin and Bang Tao – you won’t be disappointed!



There is so much to be explored in ancient Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal! This picturesque city is framed by the towering Himalayan Mountains and is the perfect destination for hikers and campers alike, and anyone who wishes to spend time in or around the great outdoors.

You can partake in many cultural adventures in Kathmandu, as you stroll around admiring the ancient Buddhist temples with their extraordinary architecture. Journey into a world of zen as you climb the many steps up the Boudhanath Stupa, a Buddhist temple and official UNESCO World heritage site. Experience wonderful views over the city and its surrounding mountains and crisp, fresh air, and embrace a most unique community location with the many Buddhist monk encounters.

The continent of Asia may be diverse with its many unique cities that it encompasses, but one thing you will notice is that their cultures share one strong similarity. Most people born and raised in Asia believe that the honor of their parents is of the utmost importance, and this principle is the cornerstone of their faith, which guides them on a daily basis.

Whether it is a romantic, cultural of natural vacation in Asia that you are looking for, allow our experts to provide you with the best recommendations and tips for your Asia trip.

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