Tips On Managing Wanderlust And Misadventure

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Best inspirational travel quotes Life is a magical journey so travel endlessly to unfold its profound and heart touching beauty Debasish Mridha 1

In truth, the joy of travel is hard to express coherently, as much of it is an ineffable delight in experiencing the world anew. Interestingly enough, this appreciation for travel isn’t a modern phenomenon—the ease with which jet travel can transport you to another culture within hours. Even the Roman philosopher, Seneca, had a keen appreciation for travel. “Travel and change of place,” he said,” impart a new vigor to the mind.

If you fancy the idea of having a chance to travel the world, then, at some point, you might just go ahead and do it—breaking away from the predictability of a settled life and leaping into the adventure of travel. If you’re deeply smitten by wanderlust, you might just make it a lifestyle choice, living a laptop lifestyle, finding a way to earn a living from doing some digital work—like blogging, running an eCom store, or offering a freelance service. Another option you might choose is to work at your regular job for most of the year and then use your vacations to embark on your voyages of discovery.

Still, despite this idyllic lifestyle choice, things can go amiss. Let’s take a look at some of the mishaps that may be inevitable when you are traveling and what you can do about them.

1. You suddenly lose all your money.

Best Inspirational Travel Quotes Ownership of most things is overrated Ownership of worldly experience is not Dave Levant

This is probably the worst case scenario. Without your wallet or money in your bank account, every sense of delight in your new environment is immediately replaced with an overwhelming feeling of dread. Your mind immediately speeds up–accelerating at the pace of a fighter jet lifting off a runway–and you can’t stop obsessively thinking about what else can go wrong.

The quickest way to get out of this loop of self-condemnation for getting robbed, or for misplacing, overspending, or, in some other way, losing your money, is to get ask someone back home to send money online. Once you have some money in your hands, your world will stop spinning upside down and you’ll get your sense of balance back. At that point, the brain fog will lift, the adrenalin will quit coursing through your body, and your cognitive abilities will begin to work again. You’ll be able to figure out what you can do to sort things out.

2. You get hopelessly lost.

Not all those who wander are lost J R R Tolkien best travel quotes for travel inspiration wanderlust

It happens to the best of us. You lost your map, forgot your smartphone, or misplaced the scrap of paper on which you had carefully written directions. Suddenly, you find yourself sitting on a bus or train with absolutely no idea of where you should get off. What should you do? What should you do when you get lost? The solution is simple. Ask around. Talk to people who might be able to help you. Share your dilemma. Much to your surprise, you’ll come across an empathic person who totally understands how you feel and happens to know just the right answer.

3. You can’t leave…just yet.

If you re not lost you re not much of an explorer John Perry Barlow Best Funny Travel Quotes

You’re homeward bound. You’ve had a wonderful trip, and you’re now down to the last of your funds. You’re driving in a taxi to catch a plane, a train, or a ferry. Unfortunately, something prevents you from getting to your point of departure on time—the taxi breaks down or there is a traffic jam–and you miss your flight, train, or ferry trip. Since this possibility can always arise when you’re traveling, always make sure you carry travel insurance. You’ll come to deeply appreciate the invention of this financial instrument when you miss your connection from one place to another.

Putting Things in Perspective

Although travel often brings with it travails that would not have occurred if you had stayed at home, it’s important to put things into perspective. The joy of travel far exceeds any attendant miseries and discomforts that might arise. Think of it: One day, you could be waking up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to breakfast on hash brown, bacon and eggs, and the next day, you could be waking up in Paris, France, and starting the day by spreading jam on your baguette and dipping it into a cup of tea as part of a traditional French breakfast. This sorcery occurred because you’ve decided to live in Paris.

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  1. Agreed fully Raymond on the joy of traveling being greater than any stuff you face on the road. We landed a New Zealand house sit a few hours ago. First time there so we are excited! But this morning, after our planned Thailand sit, we had no idea where we would travel after the sit. Hours later, a whole new reality unfolds. Travel is amazing!



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