The Top 100 Travel Blog Posts of 2014 by Social Media Shares

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1Best Countries for Budget Backpacking MapRunaway Guide168935985309911142238312118
2The 13 Best Hostels in EuropeEuro Trip Tips33866171820182926009211708
320 Photos of the Philippines that will Make You Pack Your Bags and GoJust One Way Ticket1278438523107582931441137428
413 Beaches Near Manila (and How to Get There)Philippine Beaches95633506590783896287
5The Budget Travel Guide to Batanes, PhilippinesThe Poor Traveler937621645401135294100
6My Favourite Europe Travel AppsEuro Trip Tips136601644236226959767159
7Interview: Jimmy Nelson Photographs Vanishing Tribes in "Before They Pass Away"Green Global Travel2141864249760251850236
820 Trips to Take in Your 20sThe Blonde Abroad3402136190461390449700
9Which Countries Offer Working Holiday Visas for Canadians?Global Goose48489286282439324449248
1010 Safest Destinations for Solo Female TravelersThe Blonde Abroad7541182183344076942166
112013: A Year in PhotographyEverything Everywhere206426516137159238462242061
12Can You Believe The Size of This Hole in the Ground?Around the World L105512735358182735568
13A Food Walking Tour in DublinTravel Yourself11740893466660334921
14Walking Safaris with Africa on Foot in South AfricaTravel Yourself11072253141030231622
15What to Pack: 3 Months in Europe (Fall/Winter)Megano Travels36121411308210030993
1612 Reasons Your Next Trip Should be to BulgariaBack-Packer3050821261710168430970
17The Best of Ireland: An A to Z GuideWandering Educators242149565909244933730859
1850 Signs You’re a Backpacker at HeartTrue Nomads2839747046372062328999
19Travel Croatia: Plitvice Lakes National Park UNESCO SiteChasing the Donkey75105142287290128926
2010 of the Most Wheelchair Accessible Beaches in the WorldCurb Free with Cory Lee2816753655606252528874
2116 Cruise Hacks & Tips That Everyone Should KnowCruise Fever24487103310727121825378
22Caminito Del Rey: Spain’s Most Dangerous HikeExpert Vagabond13914341022019321103022361
23Top 10+ Misconceptions About GuamThe World is a Book1823017768294783112822273
24The World’s Best Road Trips for Your World Travel Bucket ListGreen Global Travel2023210741966219001922178
25Nordic Conversations are DifferentVirtual Wayfarer2027928617135133951821197
26The Ultimate Romanian Road TripRearview Mirror15370122743299169601019104
2750 Cool Things to do in ParisA Cruising Couple297227100251835122819030
28Passion for Travel: Photos From My Favorite PlacesLand Lopers185117728220217839
29Lupin Spotting in New ZealandA Dangerous Business103331461739800117681
3030 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit IndonesiaLeave Your Daily Hell169043828932487017633
3110 Reasons You Should Travel to BurmaThe Broke Backpacker167002111205261116965
32Paris at NightEver in Transit77140152320215262
33Congresul Statelor Unite a Votat Ridicarea Vizelor Pentru RomaniImperator Travel145982730000014655
3420 Spectacular Photos From Around the WorldFinding The Universe266484211518057801613926
35Carnival in Italy — Colorful Celebrations Between Fun and TraditionChasing the Unexpected4328613787102013876
3629 Things You Didn’t Know About Train Travel in EuropeInside the Travel Lab241343512925301613137
37101 Stocking Stuffers for Men Who Love TravelMan On The Lam288289291234810116613122
38The Secret Erotic Art of Pompeii and HerculaneumHole in the Donut62966412794960713119
3920 Amazing Photos of Wildlife Across North AmericaConstant Rambler132375744114041065712773
40The Surprising Cost of Three Years of TravelGloboTreks38646511981111312433
41Escaping the Labyrinth in KnossosOur Oyster173091204100112098
425 Reasons I Went Back: Budapest HighlightsTraveling with Sweeney15510259113082603511892
43The Food of Poznan — More than just your traditional Polish KebabFinding The Universe1095711170171611882
44Siargo, Philippines: Surf and Beach Paradise Can Be Yours at 20$ a Day!Keep Calm and Travel795419725062243904211808
45Settle Down for What?The Travel Manuel1097911616900411124
46Apollo Temple in Didyma (Altinkum)Turkish Travel Blog15316535510238314210948
475 Things Sweden Will Teach You About LifeBohemian Trails5635501053520110679
48In Photos: From the Facebook Page XIIIFinding The Universe1686210191596331310127
49Heart-Pounding Adventure in the Florida KeysOrdinary Traveler5968105829060019375
50The Best Street Art and Storefronts in TorontoBohemian Trails16216791070029213
51Europe Packing ListThe Savvy Backpacker415221227816028269
52Top 10 Things to do in Batanes: The Home of the WindsI Am Aileen8068167550008146
53Brothers of the Sea and Other Stories of Kindness on the RoadSolitary Wanderer101281678071137957
5414 Places to Go in 2014Luxe Adventure Traveler8074327563566127823
5510 Reasons to Travel HondurasTravelettes7727472376027821
56Kuang Si Falls in Luang PrabangTravel Freak451566214271708147597
57Staying at an Italian Farmhouse, Masseria il FrantoioTravel Yourself24249173190017459
58Me Talk Kiwi One DayYoung Adventuress7048211195192137317
59Underwater GalapagosGypsy Nester1110514700965007204
605 Reasons to Not Visit CroatiaChasing the Donkey56231861761048103846941
61Interesting Food in NewfoundlandTravel Yourself72606266850016880
62Things to do in New York CityWonderful Wanderings5242106604016700
6318 Best Beaches in Europe That Will Make Your Jaw Drop. 3 of Them are Nudist.Dream Euro Trip1785273261245331136643
647 Free Things to do in PraguePack Me To67591426372016515
65Absolute Must-do Things to do in CroatiaChasing the Donkey11223611763547899136505
66108 Little, Yet Important, Things I’ve Learned after 1,000 Days Traveling Around the WorldGloboTreks7967514672903186456
67Memories of That Day — A Visit to the September 11 MemorialTravel Addicts539795590370286183
68Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef — Bucket List, Check!Gypsy Nester8473128561754035959
69Distinctively New Orleans — Photos of The Big EasyTravel Addicts24755056131182295911
7027 Must Try Foods Around the WorldGrrrl Traveler10861456943191032165740
71Check out this amazing beach on Dugi Otok in CroatiaChasing the Donkey442113434686238005522
72Honduras: We Travel to Realize Everyone is Wrong About Other CountriesThe Shooting Star52428914001325360
73Tikal Guatemala: A Long Time Ago, in a Mayan Civilization Far, Far AwayKatherine Belarmino520366200045275
74Como os holandeses lutaram por um país bicicletasDucs Amsterdam5227221700005266
75Croatia Like You've Never Seen Before, Unless of course you're a BirdChasing the Donkey21251828227021086105215
76Should Travelers Give to Kids Who Beg?Uncornered Market44844221315060455147
77The Sexiest Male Travelers AliveMapping Megan4443204421421080154954
7825 Awesome Photos of the Unites StatesA Dangerous Business11956246591064843
797 Amazing Sites to See in Central AmericaA Luxury Travel Blog33201079310949524783
80Eating Food Dutch People LikeCultural Xplorer12415246600064771
81The Beauty of the Philippines and its Wonderful PeopleNomad is Beautiful410421827131024274657
82Things to do in Barcelona on Your First Day ThereWonderful Wanderings32161534287254495
83City of Buffalo New York Amazes with a Growing Buzz of ChangeDream Travel Magazine425215028004514476
8410 Things You Have to do in TokyoEver in Transit7935304180004297
85Naples Italy — The Best Pizza in the World2 Food Trippers196756139493044288
86Top 5 Iran BazaarsChasing the Unexpected37361738892303984
87Naples Italy — Welcome to the Jungle2 Food Trippers49746037031023889
88How to Travel the World for 18 Months and Spend $1038 on AccommodationTravel Freak4919812331592173243773
89Growing On and Off the MountainMonkeys and Mountains1025935832451073772
90Ljubljana the New Berlin? 6 Reasons it Just Might BeTravels of Adam32841762641841483696
91Europe by TrainSophies World5953035750013688
92Our Flight Back Home with Singapore Airlines: Hong Kong to Sydney via SingaporeHoly Smithereens36512000003653
93Filipina Backpacker Visa Experiences – Around the World TripTwo Monkeys Travel Group361623021023644
94The 10 Most Beautiful Pacific IslandsA Luxury Travel Blog2523949220221463563
95Big Bend Chisos Mountain HikeTraveling Ted12311634000003459
9610 Can’t Miss Rooftop Bars Around the WorldA Luxury Travel Blog108621952032054763454
97The Ottoman Stone Bridges of Firtina RiverTurkish Travel Blog120806831660163441
98New Year, New Look, Big Giveaway (over $1000 in Prizes!)Man On The Lam1283023135205333254
99Smoky Mountain ColorAs We Saw It1340131070113149
100Regain Your Senses at Tintswalo Atlantic Cape TownTravel Addicts5410472785982203070

Top 100 Travel Blog Posts of 2014 by Social Media Shares -- Man On The Lam

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— All stats pulled from Share Tally over a 24-hour period on February 16 & 17, 2015

— All travel blog posts were published between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014

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— Consideration for inclusion into the Top 100 Travel Blog Posts of 2014 by Social Media Shares was on a voluntary opt-in basis. Travel bloggers submitted their posts during the submission period between January 21 to February 1, 2015 via a Google Form

— Posts from non-independent travel sites (Huffington Post, CNN, LP, BBC, Daily Mail, LifeHacker, etc.) were not included in this list

— Articles covering topics related to digital nomadism, blogging, dating, and social media were excluded from this list.

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