Top 5 Tips For Running A Wildly Successful Travel Blog

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If you’re someone who loves to travel, a blog will be a great place to share your adventures with everyone else as well as an opportunity to earn some additional income on the side.

But it would always be better if your blog were successful, right? Not only would you be earning more money through ad revenue or affiliate marketing, but you would certainly be feeling an increased sense of accomplishment as well.

Here are the top five tips for running a wildly successfully travel blog:

1. Create A Memorable Domain Name

Your domain name is how people will recognize your blog and essentially serves as the identity of your brand. Therefore, you want to think long and hard about what your domain name will be.

The best domain names are ones that are short, memorable, creative, witty, and that accurately describe what your blog is about.

2. Use WordPress To Host Your Blog

The best blog hosting service, without question, is WordPress. There are a variety of reasons why you should opt for WordPress over other web hosting services: WordPress is incredibly simple to use, allows you to sell advertising to earn revenue, offers you custom themes to make your blog look more professional, and also allows you to utilize Google Analytics to keep track of your daily web traffic.

3. Build An Email List…and Keep It Protected

One of the best ways to gauge your success as a blogger is to have a list of emails of your subscribers. When someone subscribes to your blog for updates, it shows that they genuinely care about your blog and want to follow you. But equally as important as having an email list in the first place is protecting that list, and that’s why you need to invest in email security solutions such as anti-virus and anti-spam software to prevent your service from being hacked.

4. Include Lots Of Images

People don’t just want to read about all the places you’ve visited. They want to be able to see those places. Not only that, but high quality images will help improve your rankings on the results pages of search engines as well. Make it a habit to include a minimum of two quality images per post.

5. Build A Formidable Social Media Presence 

Finally, having a strong social media presence is critical to your success as a travel blogger. Many people will first find out about your blog through social media, and furthermore social media provides you with a prime opportunity to market yourself. At minimum, have accounts for yourself set up on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat, and make it a part of your routine to update those accounts on a daily basis.

Running A Successful Travel Blog

If running a travel blog is something you’ve always wanted to do, the tips in this article won’t just ensure that your efforts are successful, they’ll help ensure that your blog becomes popular too.

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