Travel Photo of the Week — Hijacking Hotspot

Posted by - April 9, 2011 | Category: Africa, Escapes, South Africa

Hijacking HotspotHijacking, carjacking, or just plain jacking…

Whatever you like to call it, it’s still a huge problem in South Africa.  Stopping is definitely not recommended, so I snapped this photo of a “Hi-jacking Hotspot!” sign from our moving vehicle, and was very happy that it actually turned out.  It’s one of a few on the road from Pretoria to Kruger National Park.

Just for shits and gigs, check out this video on an anti-carjacking device called “The Blaster.” It’s no longer available for sale, but apparently there are still some cars in South Africa that are equipped with this scorcher.  I guess this thing would put hijackers themselves in the ultimate hotspot.

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  1. That is one funny video, but on further reflection sad that something like this is necessary in South Africa. Hope that they get the lawlessness under control. It seemed that the World Cup was a success, so maybe the violence is not so bad?

    1. Yes it is very sad indeed. But carjacking is still a big issue. I had even heard of people who had razor blades rigged on their car stereos to prevent them from being stolen…

  2. It worries me that I might be tempted to use that it situations other than just carjackings.
    “That asshole cut me off!” *flames*
    “That bastard is eating his own boogers!” *flames*
    “I don’t like that person’s haircut!” *flames*


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