Travel Photo Roulette Round #33: And the Winner is…

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Travel Photo Roulette Round #33: Humour

I was lucky enough to host last week’s round of Travel Photo Roulette, and I choose the theme of HUMOUR (or maybe it choose me…I’m not too sure). 

In any case, I was happy to have received so many great chuckles and smiles each day from fellow bloggers. There was such a variety that it was hard to choose a winner.  I narrowed it down to 5, but in the end there was one photo that really made me chuckle every time I looked at it…

So without further ado, here are…

The Four Runners-up and the Winner of Travel Photo Roulette: Round #33

5. Jeremy from (the original originator of Travel Photo Roulette) submitted the following tantalizing menu option:

 “Poor menu translations are my favorite thing to find while traveling. Chicken with herpes? Why yes, I’ll take two. (First menu item on the top left – Taken in Aswan, Egypt)” –> I love strange menu items and although STDs are no laughing matter, they kinda are when it comes to poultry.

Jeremy Travel Photo Roulette Chicken with herpes menu item

4. Michael from Strux Travel sent this pooch in the caboose photo. I think this is what they call doggy style, no? 

“This dawg’s got it goin’ on! I took this photo through our coach’s front window, en route from Madrid to Segovia, Spain” -> Sex is Magic indeed, especially when it’s in the backseat of your car…with your dog.

Strux Travel Magic Sex Dog Travel Photo Roulette

3. Michael at Time Travel Turtle had his hands full with this sign…

“I’m not sure whether this is funny or just wise (or a terrible mistake). But an internet shop in Bali clearly knows what the technology is really used for.” –> I love bizarre (and dirty) signs so took an instant liking to Wank Internet.

2. Denise from The Art of Slow Travel caught these primates monkeying around in Indonesia…

“This photo was taken in Bali at the Ubud Monkey forest sanctuary. These two lovely monkeys couldn’t quite understand why all the people around them kept taking pictures…” –> I love, love, LOVE this photo! It’s got monkeys AND ass! How can you go wrong with that? As soon as I saw it I thought…how can anyone top this? (Sorry Denise…someone did.)

The Art of Slow Travel Monkey butt travel photo roulette humour

 And now…my favourite photo…The winner of Travel Photo Roulette Round #33 is…

1. William from My Walkabout sent in this head-scratcher (hee hee) — it’s a relief (double hee hee) of a hunchback washing the penis of a dude who appears to be putting in eye-drops.

I took this at a children’s animal park while in Nairobi Kenya for the first time. Laughing, all I could think about was the line from the 1980′s movie Arthur, “Can I wash your dick Sir?”
It may have cultural significance, but I was way too embarrassed to ask the locals…”-> Let me repeat that — it’s a hunchback washing the penis of a dude who’s putting in eye-drops. It’s funny, it’s weird, it’s creepy, and boy is it humorous!

My Walkabout hunchback cleaning a penis while man puts in eyedrops Travel Photo Roulette humour

Congratulations to William from My Walkabout You’ll get to host Travel Photo Roulette #34 – really looking forward to see what the next theme will be!

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  1. A travel photo roulette – what a fun idea! My fave is the monkey shot as well, looks so oddly innocent. That last photo defies… well, everything.

  2. Thanks for picking me to be in the top 5! It is truly one of my favorite humorous photos. I have to bow when I am beat, because the ones you chose definitely made me laugh! Congrats to the winner and for hosting a successful round! Looking forward to the next round as always.


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