Travel Photo of the Week — Getting Grilled in Göreme, Turkey

Posted by - May 12, 2011 | Category: Escapes, Europe, Turkey

Since I am a horrible blogger and completely missed posting a travel photo of the week last Thursday, I figured I had better come up with something decent this time around to make amends.  I hope this one fits the bill.  Or rather, fits the grill.  I spotted this sign outside a restaurant in Göreme, Turkey.  Let’s hope they were trying to attract BBQ enthusiasts and not those wanting to commit barbeque suicide.

CookYourself sign

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  1. “I am a horrible blogger…”? Oh yeah, right. Absolutely horrible! Despicable! Insufferable! Lazy, good-for-nothing loser. Simply for missing a single photo of the week? Nonsense!

    Seriously – good fun photo!

    1. Thanks Dyanne! I think you would make an awesome life coach…”Get off your ass maggot! What’s the matter with you?!? You piss-poor poster you!!” Hee hee…always love your comments!

    1. I actually had to go out and buy a scanner to get that one from the archives (it’s from “olden” times). But now there is no excuse — there are gazillions of photos for Travel Thursday fodder… 🙂

  2. Turkey is a never ending source for funny English. I kicked myself many a time not to have had my camera with me to snap the brilliant Turklish. Glad to see that you resisted the invitation.


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