Travel Photo of the Week — Kruger National Park, South Africa

Posted by - March 24, 2011 | Category: Africa, Escapes, South Africa

manonthelam elephant kruger park south africa
A few years back, I was lucky enough to visit some friends in South Africa for a couple of weeks.  I was thrilled that we did a self-drive safari in Kruger National Park, but this guy was none too thrilled to see us.  He wasn’t really charging — more grandstanding than anything else.  But as you can tell, he got his point across.  Loud and clear.

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  1. Well w/ a surname of “Kruger” plus my own fond memories of backpacking solo across South Africa, I of COURSE couldn’t resist commenting here on your fine pachyderm photo from Kruger NP. Ah yes, I can still vividly recall the loud trumpet of “Ehhhhrrrrrr-ahhhh! when we likewise encountered a miffed elephant on the road in front of our (open!) jeep.

    But my favorite was a “bush walk” one morning at dawn, where we stumbled upon an entire pride of 15 lions that had just killed a wildebeest – while we were ON FOOT! Check the pic and the details on (likewise) my little “Random Travel Photo” series.

    1. That poor wildebeast never had a chance. The lions sure look content though. And there is nothing quite like that trumpet sound of a miffed elephant!

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice shot but thats a little to close for comfort. Would have hate to see him charging. I really must visit Africa soon.

  3. The reality of being 40 yards from an elephant family cavorting in the Savannah Plains at sunset is better than any dream could be.