Travel Photo of the Week — Peeping Tom Toilet

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Toilet humour -- peeping tom toilet sign -- man looking over bathroom stall at woman

People are going to start thinking I spend all my days in the toilet.

Previously I posted a sign from a Honolulu Loo and also a not-so-humourous graphic toilet sign from Indonesia. This one is from Thailand’s Pangsarapee Green Resort near Doi Tung, Chiang Rai – presumably to draw the male customers in. Or perhaps to keep female customers out. Who knows.

I was on my way to see Ian Ord from Where Sidewalks End when I stopped off here for a moment. Ian’s currently volunteering with the Pennies for Papa Foundation just down the road. I’ll write more on the Foundation and the good works that it’s doing for the Akha people of Northern Thailand later.

In the meantime, what are thoughts on the sign? Creepy, cool, or somewhere in between?

Or is this just the wrong kind of toilet humour…

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