Travel Photo of the Week — Sloth Face, Amazon, Peru

Posted by - March 31, 2011 | Category: Escapes, Peru, South America

 Amazon Sloth
“You must avoid sloth, that wicked siren.” — Horace

Presumably Horace was referring to one of the  7 Deadly Sins and not to this harmless little guy.  In May of 2009 I was fortunate enough to visit the Peruvian Amazon and I got up close and personal with this fella — the humble sloth .  Maybe it’s because they like their sleep as much as I do, or maybe it’s that little smile they always seem to have on their face; either way, they get two thumbs up (or is that three?) in my book.

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      1. Hi Raymond,
        I’ll be going to Perù next summer and one of my purpose is seeing a sloth, the others are seeing an ant-eater, a spider monkey and a tapir…Is it easy to see a sloth?
        Where exactly have you seen it?
        We’ll be going to Puerto Maldonado and the forest around it but unluckily not in Iquitos and in the northern part.Do you have any suggestions? A good Zoo!!

        1. Hi Valentina,

          Thanks for stopping by! This sloth that I saw was along the Amazon river — it was wounded and was being cared for by an elderly lady who took tips for its care. We did see a couple more in the trees, but they don’t tend to get too close to folks on the ground. I would ask around when you get there — the locals will know better than anyone where their stomping grounds are. Sorry I wasn’t more help! 🙂

  1. Truly fascinating fellows – I’ve seen them in both Costa Rica and Belize. They move so slowly (only about 6 ft. per minute!) and stay put in the same tree for weeks – even years on end. Clearly extremely vulnerable to predadors while on the ground, they only come down from their perches once a week to go to the bathroom!

    Indeed, back when I was guiding small groups to Monteverde in Costa Rica, there was one that was so reliably curled up in the crook of the tree next to our lodge – I could always count on him for a group photo op from our balcony!

  2. Très belle photo et quelle chance d’avoir pu la prendre.
    Plus je lis d’articles et de commentaires sur le P2rou plus j’ai envi de m’y rendre.


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