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The routine of daily life gets the better of each one of us at some point in time or another. It is necessary, especially so in today’s metropolitan rush, that you take a break from this chaos.

View of Dubai from the Burj Khalifa

Travelling allows you to restore your thoughts and in turn revive the state of your mental being. Travelling to foreign locations helps you meet new people, see new things and discover new places. Gone are the days when a holiday abroad was synonymous with burning a hole in your pocket. In these times you can explore the horizons of faraway lands in as little as one lakh rupees.

Some of the best destinations when it comes to budget travel include Dubai, Thailand, Bhutan, Malaysia, Nepal and Singapore. The airfare to each of these places is under the 25000 INR cap, except that for Nepal which is only a reasonable 8000 INR. After cutting down on travel costs, you can spend comfortably on lodging and leisure, if you manage your finances well. Look up the place you are planning to visit beforehand to get an idea about low season offers and discounts.

You can take a personal loan in order to turn your dream of a trip abroad into reality. Owing to increasing demand, getting a personal loan for travel is an easy affair nowadays. Select a plan that suits you best, complete the simple documentation process, and you are good to go. Banks like IndusInd offer convenient options for repayment making the process all the more hassle free. You need not even worry about providing collaterals and finding guarantors. Simply take your loan and set off on your dream adventure!

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