Trouble-Free Travels: Tips for Finding a Superior Limo Service

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Finding a superior limousine service is easy; just read the ‘About Us’ section on vendor websites.  However, what vendors write could differ from what they provide.

Limo providers serve locals, travelers, and businesspeople, and to ensure a seamless transition, read the following tips to help find a superior service.

Luxury Town Car Limo

Online Reviews

It’s more convenient than ever to find what others think about vendors.  Online review sites survey vendors and offer subjective opinions of peers and clients.  Past and current clients remark upon promptness, cleanliness, and friendliness of staff.  Don’t rely on a vendor’s marketing materials; read what actual clients think.  Check Angie’s List and other online consumer review sites.


New vehicles and cutting-edge sites can’t account for lack of experience.  Those with years behind the wheel in operating a successful limo service know what it takes to satisfy clients.  New suppliers may offer lower rates but pale in comparison to vendors with years of experience.  Choose a vendor with established experience, especially if you need to reserve a vehicle for a special, time-sensitive event.


One who wants to get from one place to another takes a taxi or rents a car.  A limousine service offers another kind of experience.  One deciding upon such a luxurious way to travel may have a certain vehicle or style in mind.  A vendor with but a few vehicles limits the possibilities of clients and the availability of premier models.  View available fleets on vendor sites or inquire about particular vehicles.  Some vendors may not have a particular model on the lot but can reserve them upon demand.


There’s no substitution for seeing a vehicle on the lot and meeting staff in-person.  Such occasions may not be possible if traveling, yet a number of high-end retailers give digital tours and use Skype during initial contact.  You could be spending hours in the presence of a driver throughout the day or night.  Some prefer initial introductions before the date of rental.


Price should not be the main point regarding a decision, yet one cannot dismiss a major contrast amongst vendors.  Some vendors, whether new or suffering in sales, charge higher prices to compensate for the demands of a startup or dwindling business.  Survey a number of limo services and particular models to get a general idea of hourly charges and those related to luxury vehicles.

In addition to surveying listed prices, ask vendors if tipping is customary; about extra fees related to a number of passengers; and, whether gratuity charges are added at the conclusion of the rental experience.


Some vendors spend little on advertising and marketing since repeat business is consistent.  Referrals come from friends, family members, and business associates. Great limo services could be in your area, but don’t need to advertise due to the amount of repeat business and referrals.  Don’t forget to ask friends via Facebook, Twitter, etc. about premier services they’ve used.


Safety is a concern for parents of teens going to parties and school events.  Ensure a potential vendor holds the right licensing and rents vehicles that are DOT inspected and DPU approved.  Additionally, ask proposed vendors about the methods of hiring and training employees who drive company vehicles and responsible for the safety of passengers.


As mentioned, one could rent a compact car or ride in a taxi.  Those who rent limousines seek luxury experiences.  Inquire about amenities found in particular models.  Some vehicles are reserved for elite customers, replete with gift baskets and other rewards.  If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, ask proposed vendors about extra vehicle and service amenities.  


Anyone can accept a reservation; prompt and efficient service separates superior vendors from the rest.  You may need a limousine service for a prom, wedding, funeral or other extremely important and time-sensitive engagement.   A late driver, or one that gets lost, could be the difference between a happy or stressful event.  Choose a vendor with a consistent history of providing great service.


Depending on the logistics of client needs and the availability of drivers, you may have a dedicated driver or one that services multiple parties in one day or evening.  The latter scenario could inspire wait times and lapses in communication with the driver throughout the night.  If you’re heading to multiple destinations and require transportation throughout the evening, consider a dedicated driver and vehicle.

Vigen Navasardyan is the President of Los Angeles based Prestige Limousine Service and co-founder of the California App-based Drivers Association (CADA). A long-standing member of the Greater California Livery Association, an organization that represents limousine and bus companies throughout California, Vigen has over 10 years experience as a limousine driver, operator, and business owner in the Los Angeles area. 

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