VIDEO: Flying a fighter plane, getting my ass spanked, & other #ManlyMoments

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Movember is the Manliest Month (and also the most nerve-wracking)

During the month of Movember, I’m on a road trip completing a Manly Bucket List to raise awareness and funds for the Movember charity. And so far, it’s been an absolute blast.

For the first five days in Las Vegas, I had a film crew follow me around and capture my every move. And that…well, that was nerve-wracking.

I’m much happier when the destination is the subject, not me. So I was clearly out of my element, and I think it shows a little in the video. I rationalize it by telling myself it’s all part of the bigger plan. I knew this was all about pushing my limits — I mean, I am the least manly man I know completing a manly bucket list, so I was at a disadvantage from the word “go.”

And you know what, that’s okay.

At the end of the day, this is all for charity. My Dad was a prostate cancer survivor, so if this helps get a conversation started about men’s cancers among folks like him, then mission accomplished. 

I think the film crew did a fantastic job with a very skittish host, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

So grab yourself a cup of tea (or something more manly) and watch as I fly a fighter plane, jump off the Stratosphere, slide down a shark slide, and get my ass spanked at a German brew house. All in the name of charity. 

Movember Airstream Tour: Las Vegas from Made Man on Vimeo.

You can read more about my exploits at

And while you’re here, let me know how you think I did in the comments section below. 

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  1. I know how you feel…. I hate appearing on camera! I’ll say the same thing to you that everyone else seems to say to me — You’re great onscreen!

  2. I was just telling Dalene the other day how I want to go up in a fighter jet and experience this. I was checking out the Ukraine for this, but now that I know this is in Vegas…. Looks amazing!

  3. I’m so going to Vegas next Movember! I think is very nice what you doing for charity. I remember some of my colleagues at previous job. They use to grow their mustaches for the entire month and we use to joke about them because some of them looked a bit funny, but it’s for the good cause and that’s what’s important. 🙂

  4. DUDE! You rocked the Top Gun Moment! I would have cried like a girl, puked and passed out in that order doing those flips and twirls in a plane. You managed to smile and laugh the entire time.

  5. I LOVED the airplane ride and the way it was all filmed was great it was almost like you were there. I do a lot of tweeting during November (Movember) and support it entirely. I cant grow a ‘stache ( well at least one I want ha!) but I can tweet and help the cause.
    Very neat you did all this and youre right any chance to get guys more aware of their health is a good thing!


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