What the Heck is a Workation? #PullmanWorkation

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Okay, I’ll be honest — I literally scratched my head when Pullman Hotels sent an email asking me to share a Work Hack for their “Workation” campaign. I heard of  a “Staycation” before (and still pretty much gag every time I hear it), but a “Workation?” Now you’re just making stuff up.


Global Nomad Pullman Hotel Workation


A workation, as it turns out, is just a play on work and vacation. So not really a working vacation, but a clever attempt to incorporate more vacation into your working day. At least that’s what I think it is.  But having spent so many corporate work days wishing I was somewhere else, I kinda got it. An escape in any form is well-deserved.


Pullman’s Workation is inspired by their Global Nomad Campaign video — but even if you aren’t a global nomad, there are plenty of ways to pepper your day-to-day drudgery at the office with some vacation-like elements.  If you’re not familiar with Pullman hotels, they position themselves on being the perfect blend of business and leisure accommodation. So in that respect, a “Workation” seems to fit.

They’re currently running a competition where the winner will walk away with a 2-week stay at one of Pullman’s hotels or resorts anywhere in the world — and you get to choose the property. Not bad for a few minutes work. All you have to do is upload your own “Work Hack” to enter, and then get your pals to vote. Whoever has the best work hack (as chosen by Pullman) among the 10 entries with the most votes will get to pack their bags for a much needed Workation of their own.


You can upload your Work Hack to their microsite here: bit.ly/PullmanWorkation


And if you have no intention of entering the contest, I’d sure love for you to vote for mine. You can do that here:  http://www.pullman-workation.com/en/preview/350


Here’s a sneak-peek of the hack to pique your interest:


Sand and shells vacation


The competition closes October 31, 2015 – so get hacking!

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*Note: This post was created in partnership with Pullman Hotels


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