Tunnel Vision: The Indoor Skydiving Experience

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Windoor Real Fly, Empuriabrava, Girona, Spain

I learned a lot about the Costa Brava region during my time in Spain. Little facts like Salvador Dali used to live there, there’s a restaurant where every dish incorporates edible flowers, and “Costa Bravans” sure do like their anchovies. Smithsonian Magazine even dubs part of this area The Anchovy Coast.

I also learned that the area of Costa Brava called Empuriabrava (they like their “bravas” too) is one of the top skydiving destinations in the world (brava means wild in case you’re wondering.)

Empuriabrava is blessed with ideal weather conditions for those inclined to jump out of planes. The Spanish national skydiving team even makes their home here. So it made sense that Richard — our host from CharmingVillas.net — took our team of bloggers for a spin in a wind tunnel to try indoor skydiving for ourselves.

Windoor Realfly Girona Spain Indoor Skydiving wind tunnel

Windoor Real Fly is the spot where both professional and aspiring skydivers perfect their craft. It’s also the type of place that caters to people like me — those who want the sensation of skydiving, but without all that fuss of planes and parachutes and paperwork.

Windoor Realfly, Girona, Spain

Our instructor, Alfredo Fernandez, led us upstairs to the classroom to teach us about safety, hand signals — because you can’t hear anything but wind in a wind tunnel — and correct form (see Exhibit “A” above.)  After suiting up in the kit room, we headed down to the wind tunnel chamber to wait our turn.

To get started, you basically just stand at the door and fall forward. The wind (and Alfredo) take it from there.

Jeff from FestivalXPlorer got it down pat.

Jeff Dobbins, FestivalXplorer, NYCxPlorer, wind tunnel, Windoor Realfly Girona Spain 023

The folks in the control room keep a close eye on what’s happening, so there was never any worry about safety. Besides, if something did go wrong, there was never the threat of the sensational splat real skydiving would ensure. Chalk one up for the wind tunnel.

Windoor Realfly Girona Spain control room wind tunnel indoor skydiving

Richard from Charming Villas got his skydive on too…

Richard Calvin from CharmingVillas.net at Windoor Real Fly, Girona, Spain

Wind tunnel, indoor skydiving, Windoor Real Fly, Empuriabrava, Spain RIchard Calvin, CharmingVillas.net

And April from Absolute Travel Addict was a pro from the get-go.

Wind Tunnel, Indoor Skydiving, April D. Thompson, Windoor Realfly Girona Spain 039

April D. Thompson, wind tunnel, indoor skydiving, Windoor Realfly Girona Spain 046

Much like I learned a lot about Costa Brava during this trip, I learned a thing or two about myself as well. Chief among them, I’m not the graceful swan I had hoped. I’d secretly aspired to be “The Baryshnikov of the Sky.” Turns out I’m more Barnum & Bailey material instead. Take a look for yourself…


It was nice to sulk about it at the Windoor Real Fly snack bar afterwards though.

Windoor Realfly Girona Spain 068

Note: I was a guest of CharmingVillas.net and received a complimentary Windoor Real Fly experience. They did not ask me to write about how much fun the wind tunnel actually was.

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  1. 1. That video is HYSTERICAL.

    2. I love that you’ve opted to do/write about quirky things ’round the globe.

    3. Question izzz… so uh, is the floor in that tunnel padded with soft pillows or what? imho, it jolly -well had better be.

    4. And finally, might I suggest… they line the walls of the tunnel with holograms of clouds ‘n such (and the floor with pics of of the earth from 30,000 feet or so) – to best replicate the actual feel of skydiving?

  2. I have gone actual sky diving (and without trying to sound like an ass, found it boring. It was just windy. I get bigger stomach flips from being shot UPWARD like jumping off a swing on the way up and certain roller coasters.) But this looks like it would be fun, because you try and do flips and whatnot without some dude attached to the front of you hoping you don’t kill him on the way down.

  3. “Rode” in a similar one in Seattle. But they don’t have people inside helping you. In fact you are on your own for the full 70-ish seconds. It was an interesting sensation. I’d love to try gliding next time, the real gliding. You look like you were really having a lot of fun on the video (that is you, right).

  4. Hilarious! “I’m not the graceful swan I had hoped. I’d secretly aspired to be ‘The Baryshnikov of the Sky.’” Um, Raymond I think the only one who could be is perhaps a hawk, *laugh*

  5. Hahaha oh dear, you look so bewildered in that video. I’ve gone skydiving for real and it is amazing. I would love to try this as well though!

  6. I wrote a post not too long ago about doing the exact same thing in Vegas! It was SO FUN and my sister and I could not stop laughing. Love it 🙂


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